Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Blog: Times they are a' changing

These days I've been baking cookies ... and while doing that, I was listening to the radio. And since the year of 2010 is coming to an end, they are asking the listeners how their year was, what are their wishes for everyone for the new year ... and so on and on. 

Most callers are retired old women and men, mostly women though. And they always have so much to say, so they have to cut them off. Almost everyone has some good advice, for example, we have to trust each other, be open and nice... and those are probably the people who wouldn't want to have a gay neighbour, or, god forbid, a gipsy. And where will niceness bring you? People in general don't like people who are too nice. Looking from my point of view, I consider myself a nice person, but people exploit nice people for their own benefits. Example, school, nice people make homework for the whole class, just because they are so nice... even though half of those in the class couldn't do the homework on that level. And niceness leads to the point where you can't say what you really think, because you have to be nice. Personally, I'd be crept out if the whole society became nice, friendly... I'd be like, what happened, has the universe ended?! But I do think I know what that caller wanted to say. A little more friendliness, may friends be friends and may family be close.

And health. Everybody asks for health in the new year, like it's something that is handed in boxes. I'm really saddened, when the definition of a good doctor is someone who has a pill for everything you have or have made up. Health is in your hands. Whether your body will be healthy or not, is in your hands (except for gene related disease). Stress, food, relations, friends... what you feel and how you solve problems. One of my patient mentioned this, she had a bowel disease, and said, if you swallow your emotions, those emotions will go somewhere and do something to your body. And I agree with her. Doctors can be a great help with broken bones and other similar situations. Working on preventing diseases and living with what nature offers us (what we haven’t ruined yet) is the key. A lot of elder people have something they “need” a pill for, and then they need an extra pill for the side effect of the first one...and so on and so on. Pharmaceutical circle. And I used to see elder people as the ones, that should know about herbs and these and that “kitchen medicine”.

And everyone’s so smart when it come to politics. But I do agree that politicians take care only of their asses and they are mostly just messing up the country.

And homeless young adults, whose life is as it is, mostly because they have a low education and can’t find a descent job. And I think it’s a shame... most high school are easy, a chimp could do it. Formal educational paper is so over-rated. School is not a place where you will learn, it’s a place where they brainwash you, make you feel like you’re stupid if you disagree ...  this school system we have is degrading.

And if you survive a brain damage in a car accident... and you lost what you once knew, and have to start on the level of a baby. How much more can you appreciate life and yourself.

And I can’t help but think of the song by Bob Dylan, Times they are a’ changing, which was captured greatly in the intro to the movie Watchmen.
“Come mothers and fathers throughout the land and don’t criticize what you can’t understand,
your sons and your daughters are beyond your command, your old road is rapidly agin’
please get out the new one if you can’t lend your hand”

We have so much potential, that we mostly never reach. And what did I want to say?
May thoughts be your own, may the weight of the world not bring you down, may you find new roads and never surrender.


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  1. What a wonderful, thoughtful editorial. What you say about "nice" people is especially true.
    Unfortunately, more more "corporatist" a society becomes (material & money-oriented, the truer your point becomes.