Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Music: Jonsi

I've known Sigur Ros for awhile now, and I loved most of their songs, I find them very inspirational.. poetry-wise. Samskeyti, for example, was behind my poem Of intimacy. And how great is it, that YouTube exists. Browsing it I found few songs by Jonsi&Alex and consequently Jonsi's album. This song, Animal Arithmetic, gave me that extra strength, that I needed these days.

Kolnidur on the other hand helped me to find that poetic side of me, that I put on hold in these racing days. Few evenings ago, I listened to it as I was getting ready to fall asleep... and as I started streching, my fingers found the words. Since I published Colours of the sea, my poetry picked another direction, it flows a bit differently, less like water and more like the wind. If that makes any sense to you.

I'm getting close to finishing my studies, and I'm looking ahead to where I'd like to work, what kind of work would suit me.. and nothing. There's always something. Somebody ahead of yourself. Prejudices. And I thought that by third year on this faculty I wouldn't be surprised by their doings anymore, but I still am. No wonder the state of midwifery is as it is. I feel like I'm searching for a place that is mine...but there is none. And the place I know that is, has been collecting dust.

This is a short post, but I'm planning on making a bigger music collection with similar kind of music. Follow if you're interested.

Enjoy these summer days,
as they slip thourgh our fingers like sand.


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