Friday, 1 July 2011

Music: Various Artist pt. 1 (The rainy days)

First of July offered us rain. And we took it. Rain usually puts my mind into the creative state and there's also certain kind of music that helps me with it. 

I'll start the collection with This will destroy you. I've known them for awhile and their music has helped me through a many writters block.

This will destroy you: The mighty rio grade (the video contains scenes of nature, earth)

I've heard the song This time around by Helen Stellar on the soundtrack for Elizabeth town. It was few years back and it was summertime, but unusually rainy. I've painted a picture while listening to the song, and later when I saw this video I realized I used the same concepts.

The cinematic orcherstra: to build a home (love the idea they used in the video)

Kwoon: Eternal Jellyfish Ballet. I've featured a music video by Kwoon in a post about animations, this time I'll feature a favourite of mine.

Low: Lullaby

Peter Broderick: Not at home

Raised by Swans: We were never young 

Message to bears: November

The Walthall Tango: Snow Cow Exodus

Hammock: I can almost see you

Ef: Longing for colors

Parachutes: Paper birds

Immanu El: Under your wings I'll hide

Max Richter: The nature of daylight. Max is a composer of classical music, and I found him through a soundtrack for a movie, don't remember which one. But this piece is just beautiful, moves me to tears.

Riceboy sleeps: Stokkseyri. I'll end this collection with Jonsi (singer of sigur ros) and Alex, again, a beautiful piece.

So this should be enough to get you through these rainy days of summer.

Until next time.


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