Thursday, 25 August 2011

Poem: Wearing Autumn

This poem is included in my poetry/photography collection Colours of the sea (there are links to where you can buy it in print or as an ebook on the right side of the page).

I'd love to have someone who would make music for these videos. I know I could read the poems, but I think I'd give away the readers interpretation and besides, I don't really know how to read poetry. I thought I did, until I heard myself read it. Anyway, it'd be great to co-operate with someone, that would make music based on the each poem. Well, maybe I should dust off my guitar and start playing, huh? :)

I also wanted to draw to your attention, and if you're a poet, you really should read on! Willow Tree Press is looking for poets to publish. They make a collection of 20 poem/poets every month, and you can buy it in print. There's no fee to participate. You can read more here. There is an email address in the end, where you can send 3 poems of your choose, along with a short bio and a photo.

That's all, I'm missing autumn in this heat!

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  1. Beautiful! And congrats on the collection - one of these days, I think I need to get around to such a venture myself.