Monday, 26 September 2011

Poetry: Poetry collection about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum

I have an idea.

I've already made three art collections here on the blog: pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Now, I'm taking things a bit further. I want to make a Pregnancy & Childbirth & Postpartum poetry collection that will be available as a free e-book on Smashwords. So now I turn to YOU, I need your cooperation.

The collection will include three chapters:
  • About Pregnancy
  • About Childbirth
  • About Postpartum (including themes about breastfeeding, first few weeks after birth, poems about a child up to his/her 1 year of age)
The last chapter will include a short introduction of the participants

You can send up to 2 poems per chapter (which makes it 6 poems per poet - if there will be a lot of poems I might choose up to 3 poems per poet to be included) and you can also add a photo to the poem. I don't care if you are unpublished or published author, but it has to be in English language. Send me the poems (preferably in word document) and a short bio of yourself (few sentences) with a photo of yourself (not mandatory) and photographs that you'd like to include to the poems (they are not mandatory, but if you wish to have them please sent photos in high quality and seperate from the word document or any other).

I will be accepting your contributions up to Friday 20th April 2012. That gives me two weeks to put things in order and make the e-book available on 05th of May, which is international day of the midwives.

Send contributions here: nataska86 at

Anymore questions, please ask.

And please spread the word! :) Let's make this something unforgettable ;)

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  1. Hey... Fiona from deviantart. This is wonderful you're doing this, you know. Will post soon.