Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Blog: Why you didn't die at birth?

Stellastarr* - Love and longing
"You're different
And all the rest are the same
Stay the same"
That's how my day starts anyway, with this song as an alarm. It's a bit unfair to the song, cause through the months you get annoyed by the thing that wakes you from your peaceful slumber. Well, I'll go for any coffee substitute I can find.
The second part of winter has been surprisingly generous with snow. Ever since the accident few years ago, I've been afraid of driving in the snow, but this winter has given me the chance to learn how to drive and get more I love it. Finally!
I've been watching how ice is making a web outside my window, it looks awesome:
These past few days I've enjoyed listening to celtic/medieval songs while reading the first book of The Kingkiller Chronicle - The name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss:
The title itself grabs attention. It's one of those books that is really well-written, you can see how much time he spent on it. Also, some parts are unbelievably funny, or maybe it's just my sense of humour. Anyway, for those who enjoy fantasy books, I highly recommend it.
Speaking of celtic music...A song by Mark Knopfler has a certain celtic feel to it:
Mark Knopfler - Before gas & tv
I'm so excited I'm getting to hear him live in May (fingers crossed the concert won't get canceled).
And I can't resist not sharing (I know, again):

Dire Straits - Brothers in arms
Have you ever asked yourself Why you didn't die at birth? Well, here's the answer in short:
But more importantly, I wanted to share with you this Ted Talk:
When I first listened to this talk, I had no idea where he was going with it, and I was really surprised when I realized. We were taught in school of importance of "optimal cord clamping", and I think we always did that at birth of a my surprise not every baby gets this chance. It's kind of funny how the quality of our life can depend on the fact who delivers you at birth and what that person was taught. And also what your parents were taught was good for you, or what they were made to believe. But that doesn't matter now...what was. Only what is and will be. Another morning..... So, goodnight.

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