Saturday, 9 March 2013

Blog: "To this day"

I watched Shane Koyczan give a speech on TED; and his poem "To this day" touched me, especially because I was also one of the kids who was bullied in school.

Once I set my foot into school, life was never the same.
Left alone; parents and teachers were't capable of helping.
Not knowing who you are.
If it were a movie, I'd have deleted those scenes, but in the long run, they defined me.
You're not the same person you were, but the childhood goes with us, we carry it in our pockets.
Those days are my haunting ghosts, they keep revisiting until I learn.
A child may be a reflection of its parents, and growing up is a long and painful process.
It takes time.
Alone, you will learn to face the world, in time.
Alone, you will have to stand up, just to be shot down again.
Those wounds we carry, they rise up from time to time like the tide.
But grudges, they sink you in and drown you.
Self-worth we don't learn as kids.
Self-confidence and stubbornness we will teach ourselves.
Keep going.
Truth is... to this day, it affects me.
But it is a source of motivation, inspiration and leaning.

I also love this love poem of his, "More often than sometimes". Powerful and inspiring.

And I wanted to end this blog with a heartful song:
Greg Holden - Lost boy

 PS: 've been selecting poems for a poetry project and I've found a poem which I've written on the basis of those "bullied days", so here it is:

Ain't scary anymore

    left behind a comfortable bed
to be mocked by creatures with no shape
those halls narrowed with every hour
no place to ponder, no place to question
counting down the days
then we'll go our separate ways
and when we meet again
we'll be strangers to one another

walked down that road so many times
you know it as the back of your hand
but you never left a footprint on it
learnt to listen and to nod
just another ghost to the society
paper just waiting for the final signature
to be handed down as manna
so we can run faster towards the end

not many people will push you in the right direction
not all people will welcome you on the road of your choosing
some might even try to talk you out of it
in ways you'll find most disagreeable
once when you'll take a look back
you'll see, it ain't so scary anymore
you were scared and full of fear
but there was nothing that you couldn't handle

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