Saturday, 6 April 2013

Blog: Quote notes

I've had some time off work and I think I spent it very productively. Also, I think my desk is shrinking:

Yes, life is messy sometimes. Due to this long winter I'm fighting one virus after the other, and I'm frustrated because it takes longer to fight it off as it used to. I did enjoy the snow, but lately it's a nuisance. It's been raining/snowing the whole week and there seem to be endless amounts of fog around. And as I was looking outside from the window, listening to the birds singing... It felt a bit like spring, but will it ever come? Or will we be left only with winter and summer and no "in between" seasons? Also, I want to try out if my knees are indeed better off as they were. It's five months since I had knee arthroscopy, and it took me this long to gain back the muscle mass I lost. Never thought it normally takes six months to fully recover, I thought they were just kidding me when they told me. And that it might take even longer since cartilage was damaged. Oh well, I wish I could run already, but at least the weather isn't running-friendly, so it's easier.

I've been reading Richard Dawkins books and from one of them a little note with a quote fell out. And this was on a page 222, which doesn't seem like random number to me.
And I was all like "oh, my God, this is brilliant. Who the hell wrote this?", until I discovered it's a quote from the movie American Psycho. But I was tempted to leave a quote behind as well. I like finding these kind of small notes in unusual places. Wouldn't it be nice, if you left a thought behind in a book for the next reader to find it, and maybe the next one would also add something to it... I'd really like for someone to leave me behind notes, in the house for example, and then in a daily routine I'd find it. It would make my day. As did the tea I've been drinking. I've been drinking it for a while now, and it's the only tea that really soothes the stomach, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered there are quotes on the back of the tab (the papery part of a teabag):

Job hunting hasn't been fruitful. There is a position open, which I'm totally qualified for, actually I'd be doing what I'm doing now... But they requite from a person to have ten years of work experience. I'd use a very inappropriate word here... but seriously, are they deliberately mocking us? So I have a new plan:

You have to keep a sense of humour. And to end on a more gentle note. I love Bruce Springsteen, and I was listening to his unreleased songs and I found a lovely video for Dream Baby Dream. The movie in the background is called Sunrise from 1927 and it all fits perfectly together:

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