Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blog: Things just...happen, one after another

It's been a month since I started following a new diet, the one that should help the stomach to heal itself. Basically more frequent meals, less food and easy-digestible meals. Which left me with no pants that would fit, and with more energy and an overall better feeling. It’s been proven on animals, such as rats and mice that a lower caloric intake gives them more energy and they live longer and have less signs of ageing. I’ve been reading forums on how people helped themselves when facing high stomach acid. And what I’ve learnt from that? Nothing. Everyone has their own theory on what works and what doesn’t. Some of them, I think, would do even more harm. Like having just three meals a day?! It surprised me how many vegetarians have problems with supposed high acid of the stomach (acid should be low if you don’t eat animal protein). These are people who like eating healthy and why do they end up with these kinds of problems? Well, to be honest, I was one of them. Last week I felt very nauseous for two days straight and then I started craving Sauerkraut and sour milk. Cabbage helped for few hours, but sour milk seems to have a very beneficial effect on this poor stomach of mine. So...? You really shouldn’t follow any rules, any diet, any advice... Just listen to what your body wants. I rest my case.

And since rain is for reading...
I’m reading Terry Pratchetts’ The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents, which is categorised as children’s fantasy book. But I think anyone can enjoy it. It’s a classic Pratchett - witty and wise. Maurice is an amazing cat, who never meant to be amazing, it had just happened. Here are some parts, which I loved:

“Ah, yes, but the trouble is, see, that he things everyone else is like him. People like that are bad news, kid. And our lady friend, she thinks life works like a fairytale.”
“Well, that’s harmless, isn’t it?” said Keith.
“Yeah, but in fairy tales when someone’s just a word.”

“Look cat, there’s two types of peoples in the world. There are those who have got the plot and those who haven’t.”
“The world hasn’t got a plot,” said Maurice. “Things just...happen, one after another.”

“Well, I’ll tell you something,” she said. “If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.”
“And what if your story doesn’t work?”
“You keep changing it until you find one that does.”

Humans, eh? Think they’re lords of creation. Not like us cats. We know we are. Ever see a cat feed a human? Case proven.


And then most of them go back to their own towns and set their traps and put down their poisons, because some minds you couldn't change with a hatchet. But a few see the world as a different place. It's not perfect, but it works. The thing about stories is that you have to pick the ones that last.


Because some stories end, but old stories go on, and you gotta dance to the music if you want to stay ahead.


As a kid I loved watching cartoons and it would drive my parents crazy, when I woke up very early every Sunday and go and watch TV in the living room. And I’d stay there ‘til lunch. I also enjoyed reading Mickey Mouse comic books. I’ve recently found this blog about Calvin and Hobbes and their pearls of wisdom:

»Calvin: Everybody seeks happiness! Not me, though! That’s the difference between me and the rest of the world. Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria!«

»Calvin: As you can see, I have memorised this utterly useless piece of information long enough to pass a test question. I now intend to forget it forever. You’ve taught me nothing except how to cynically manipulate the system. Congratulations.«

»Calvin: Trick or treat!

Adult: Where’s your costume? What are you supposed to be?

Calvin: I’m yet another resource-consuming kid in an overpopulated planet, raised to an alarming extent by Madison Avenue and Hollywood, poised with my cynical and alienated peers to take over the world when you’re old and weak. Am I scary, or what?«


Too bad I hadn’t had the chance to read this as a kid. But better to read it now than never. I love old cartoons, and thanks to YouTube, I can watch some that I’ve never seen before. It’s strange to think that cartoons in the beginning were meant for adults. These days there are so many cartoons for children, but are they really any good? ‘Cause some seem so dumb (like teletubbies, not actually a cartoon, but still). I think every good cartoon can be educational. And even when we’re older we enjoy looking back on those characters that made our days...or we get to enjoy the ones’ we haven’t yet seen, like Fantasia, which I saw for the first time few years ago, loved it.

Here’s a few old cartoons I found on YouTube:

Walt Disney La Danza Macabra (The Skeleton Dance) – 1929
Goofy - how to dance, 1953
I adore Goofy :)

Tex Avery - Doggone Tired

Droopy - Dumb Hounded
 Droopy is so cool :)

I’m not really good at writing these blogs, am I? I jump from one thing to another... Well, that’s how my mind works. As for poetry...I did write a few pages, nothing that would make one poem whole, so instead I'm currently writing on... like 8 at the same time. But there are two songs that seem to evoke creative side of my brain these days, and it’s far from what I’d expect them to do:

Maybe it's the piano.

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