Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Blog: Animal compassion

You know the feeling when time flies when you have a hundred and one thing to do? And then you get sick. And when you cough or cough and cry at the same time and your abdomen muscles seem like saying: "Fuck this shit, I'm outta here". Yeah, viruses, when are those gonna become instinct?! They're happily spreading from one to another right now. I was bed ridden for two days and now I'm "resting", and my good companion Ollie stayed with me the whole time. He slept beside me, here and there he came up close to check on me, licked my neck or hand, and crawled up right beside me. Such breaks my heart. Ever since I read that cat's purring is good for their bones (somehow purring makes stronger bones) I really like it when he crawls on my knees and purrs. Maybe it helps ;)

I may have mentioned this before, whenever I'm sick I love listening to Pink Floyd. Strange enough I don't yet connect their music to sickness :) They have a really good effect on my soul and mind at that time. I need them. Like a ray of sunshine. They put me out of place, somewhere warm, where I feel safe. Besides they are greatly inspirational.

My 50 artistic journal prompt is "richer" for two contributions (yes, it make take years to accomplish, I may forget about it along the way):
2. Grab your favorite novel and randomly open it to any page. Read the first paragraph on that page and illustrate it.
3. Remember in high school when you’d doodle on your notes? Just doodle until you fill an entire page.
Ptuj, Slovenia

Last day of August I spent in Ptuj, walked through the oldest city in Slovenia. It's hard to image, this was the place where Celts settled as well. I stood where they stood. Sorry, I love Celts. I have a theory that I am a descendant of theirs ;) But hey, a small part could easily be true.

Saw this in a bookstore... Couldn't resist, I'm obsessed. It's strange that I never tried expressing my artistic endeavours through strip or cartoon, however you say it.. Well, actually, that's not true, I tried 'cause I had to in school, but I think it went terribly wrong so I never tried it again.

It may be strange, usually people talk about holidays, where they went to the seaside or whatever... But my favourite day of my holiday (or over all this years, last five years) was one sunny day in August when I went with my bf and we just walked through Ljubljana. We visited a few bookstores, took a walk trough the park, a bit of running was involved and then a bit of laughing and just talking. No worries, no obligations.. ah, peace. Anyway, that day I found a really great book about history of Birth by Tina Cassidy. I haven't read it through (I do have time on my hands now though), but what I have, I really love it. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart if you are at least a bit interested in childbirth.

It sure took me long enough but I finally bought some copies of Jules Verne, English edition:
Memories of reading his books are one of the fondest I have of my childhood. They really stirred my imagination.

Well, I better be off .. resting. And maybe Pink Floyd will stir a poem or two in my head.

Until next time - stay goofy. 


  1. It's absolutely true about cats of course. I was lost in a remote hotel last week and picked up a starving, half-blind kitten with a respiratory infection to sleep with me until help arrived. You know, my slight cold only returned the morning after she was picked up by a good cat rescue group.

    Funny that your obsession is an oversized orange cat launching itself as you arrive home. If you're still interested in cartooning, it's not too late. I took one-half of a first drawing class (perspective when drawing my bicycle seat proved difficult), but I was able to draw a near-perfect Calvin for my niece, cold, based on learning to "see" what you draw. Your page of illustrated paragraphs suggest you may not need much help anyway. I'll probably also try to modify that novel concept, for a Facebook page about ESL, if you don't mind.

    1. That's such a sweet story.. more often than not such kittens don't have such luck. But then even some people don't have such luck.

      Yes, orange cat and Calvin and Hobbes are my obsessions. The kid in me loves them. Maybe I'll be into cartooning when I'll have children. It's not such an awful idea after all. And you lost me, what novel concept? And I don't think I'll mind.