Sunday, 20 October 2013

Poetry: October colours

the red of the moon on the horizon
sea currents humming beneath the surface
face the wind leading us home
playing a soundtrack to our lives
from the saddest part of our souls a rose grows

wind with a touch of cold
tiny pink blossoms dangling
colour of my cheeks when eyes meet yours
I dare you to catch me
before snow hides our footprints

brown leaves falling like snow
covering the roads we tread
lovers keep your engines burning
under the hood of your car
days will slip by like the last i.v. drip

It's middle of October, but I feel like September was yesterday. Weeks just roll by, I can't seem to catch this crazy rhythm of our lives. I am aware of how time goes fast when our pregnant woman gives birth, but to me it seems like yesterday when she had her first visit. But it's been nine months in between. Last week, I think it was Wednesday, I drove to work, and the sun was shinning, it was warm outside and I had do drag myself into the car. But when I drove through the forest the leaves where falling down like snow, tapping on my car window, as if to say "Wake up!". And they did, they woke me up to the peace, to seeing this beautiful season before it's gone...



  1. Such gorgeous photos and words...amazing

  2. I like the colors in your words - red, pink & brown ~

    Thank you for sharing your tanka poems as well as your autumn pictures ~ Happy Sunday ~

  3. So much reflection of live in your verses~
    I love seeing "a rose grow"
    pretty and yes nine is magic!
    I enjoyed your dance-I mean verse

  4. I love the line ... from the saddest part of our soul a rose grows ... and the cheeks like pink blossoms. Lovely photos, too :)

  5. beautiful post & photos, & i too have been reminded to enjoy the season while it parades before me in all its glory - not just autumn, but winter, spring... whatever i find before me - before it's too late

    this is just lovely, & what a wonderful thing when we discover it for ourselves:

    from the saddest part of our souls a rose grows

  6. I am in awe of your talent, your eye for beauty!

  7. I was totally lost in this beautiful composition. Felt as if autumn is right with me:)

  8. Your tanka are beautiful and poignant. I especially like the significant last line of each one.

  9. each verse breathes and lingers ~