Sunday, 17 November 2013

Blog: Of knees and pins

As someone who learned about anatomy and who has had a knee arthroscopy I was really surprised by the following news: 
"Last month, knee surgeons from the University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium announced that they had found a new knee ligament, one that had not previously been specifically identified despite untold numbers of past knee dissections and scans. This surprising announcement, in The Journal of Anatomy, should improve our understanding of how the knee works and why some knee surgeries disappoint and also underscores the continually astonishing complexity of human anatomy." (source)
How come anterolateral ligament (ALL) has not been unidentified til now? It's not like it's not an important ligament, since it helps to control the rotation of the tibia, one of the two bones in the lower leg. And when it's tight, you can feel it with your fingers. Something I can't help but think about is, how many things about human anatomy are we still missing? What else is there to find?

I also found out that in June they found a new layer in the eyes, but since it's such a tiny one, it's easier to understand that they only found it now: link.

Another medical news, which surprised me, or more like intrigued me, since it's from my professional corner of medicine. A Car Mechanic Dreams Up a Tool to Ease Births - check the link, I'd love to see how it works in practice, and maybe it will replace vacuum extractions.

Since I have pain in the knees and ankles, I decided to try manual therapy. And after first session, my problems became clear, all the questioning what was wrong with my I know. Fascia. From inner side of both ankles to the inner side of both knees, it's hard as a rock, and then it goes to the outer side to the hips and onto the back side of the pelvis. Then skips the torso and comes back to the neck on both sides, but it's not as tight as it in the legs. So, I finally have my answer and cause, and can work on that.

Now I only have to figure out how to reduce or cope with stress, before my stomach explodes one last time ;) Well, playing with Ollie does the trick most of the time.

Last week I went to a lecture, which was in primary school, which I visited for four years. It was so strange being back there after... ten years? It's all different now, but those halls were familiar, I remembered the feeling, but am happy it's in the past.

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