Sunday, 17 November 2013

Poem: Little Moments

as a child she rushed to grow taller
so her soul would fit into her body
and feel more comfortable in a home
as an adult she strived to learn and experience
as much as possible so her soul might be at peace
in case her body would die before her time
no amount of time could keep the hand of history
from reaching back to her
the days spent in schools' hallways
which were always too narrow and suffocating
keep slipping in as if to remind her
of things she didn't resolve
the days working for others
left her body hungry for breath
but she learned from the past
only when she reached the future
as if the past gains value with time
she wonders what secret messages
she can leave on the walls of her skin
and who might understand them years from now
looking back it is clear to her
that our lives are made in small hours
the little moments, which warm up the heart
even decades later

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