Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blog: About time

The soothing sounds of acoustic guitars have been making me all gooey and tender. The sun reaching through the windows gives me the wrong impression that it might be spring time. Last night when I drove back home, I had an image in my mind (I'll return to it in a sec). Lately, my mind has been overwhelmed by past events, and also by imaginary ones, future ones as well... and it has given me a sense of gratitude for everything that has happened. Somewhat painful that I can't get back and live them once again and without distracting thoughts, cherish them right there in that moment, and not years after. But this feeling is a good start for change.
As for that image... I imagined snow, lots of it, and the cold nights, and that refreshing feeling when you step into a warm tavern and drink a pint or maybe just a warm tea, with a fireplace burning, and listening to human stories, poets, musicians. I don't know exactly why, but tavern scenes in fantasy books have always been one of my favourite ones.

I've had time to relax and create, before 2014 came, so I continued with 50 journal prompt:

Santa has been good this time, he has brought me an awesome gift - StoryCubes:
They have already given me inspiration for writing.
I think during the holidays I ate too much junk food, now I'm craving vegetables so much...and stomach seems okay with them. My knees are also better, I started manual therapy and something that has been jumping on the outside of the knee joint has calmed down, it still does here and there, but I could actually go up the stairs and be okay, feel the knee as strong as the other one. After a year... tears of joy. Hope it lasts a long long time.

Last week I watched the movie About time....soooo romantic, one of the reasons I feel gooey. I know there's a better word for it, I just like saying gooooey. :) Anyway, it's really cute and funny, loved it. I wanna watch it again today. There's also a song they adapted: How long will I love you:
So easy to cry. Now...go hug somebody! ;)

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