Saturday, 15 February 2014

Blog: Taking on new hobbies

Sunrise this morning, taken from the comfort of my room.
I've kept myself busy with this and that. I finally went on a sewing course, I was changing my mind from yes to no to yes, and the first day I thought I'm stupid for going, it's not at all for me... but in the end... I realized I love sewing! I have quite a few projects I want to make. And I also tried a bit of crocheting. And I want to relearn knitting. I know in primary school I loved it, but now I don't even know where to begin. Anyway, love the handcraft works, it's a bit strange to say, but I use fingers quite differently now than before. They are more useful.
First skirt, well, first thing I ever sewn.
Finished with manual therapy for now, went for a short run, and legs are starting to get worked up again. But it's the only thing that really really helped to get muscles back to normal. I've had pains up my both shins for years, and it feels better now. Even the step is lighter, it's not so heavy anymore. I may be overreacting, but my ankles look thinner now :)

Even picked up a brush ;)
I've realized it's the middle of February and I've enjoyed the fact that the days are getting longer and that the birds are singing outside in the morning., which means spring will soon be here. And I've had in mind to publish the second poetry book by summer. I've put the text together, but before I get to editing I wanted to come up with a title...and I have none. I've had one in mind for a year or so, but it turns out, it's not that appropriate... It's so hard.. it really is :) Title Colours of the sea was in my head for eight years before I actually made the book. So stuck for now.
Ollie - very photogenic cat

Otherwise it's pretty much the same old story, just feels a little bit different.
Until next time...

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