Sunday, 9 March 2014

Blog: Welcoming sunrays

These few sunny days have been long time coming, to warm us up, and give us some energy. Ollie for one, loves it (and the places he finds comfortable are just hilarious). Yesterday I was a lumberjack for a day, today we went to the seaside. I enjoyed working in the forest, I actually regret that my job doesn't involve it, it's really rewarding (I'm probably saying this, cause I don't have to work in the forest everyday). And last week one of my guinea pigs past only his brother remains, but he's doing fine.

Haven't seen the second part of The hobbit trilogy, but the song from the soundtrack caught me (made me think how we take stories we read as children with us, and those stories in movies we liked):

As I was knitting I also watched a few movies, and one really surprised me, I enjoyed it, it's... just... amazing. Geoffrey Rush was a good choice for this one, as were others as well, and the story itself it heartbreaking (shame I didn't read the book yet):
Haven't had that much inspiration since I started working on the new poetry book. But I don't doubt that it will soon come. Meanwhile, here's a few things I made (I really like knitting with zpagetti yarn, it's also way faster than regular yarn and more firm; and doing make overs to old skirts is also fun):
I must share one more thing, this video is so cute (wishing I had a squirrel):
Looking forward to the energy of spring, really need it, I feel drained. The longer days and fresh air help a lot.


  1. If I have one complaint, it's that there aren't enough pictures of cats. It reminds me of the children's hide-and-seek game "Ollie ollie oxen free!"

    Where were those amazing photos of coastline cliffs taken? Is it that sliver of coast from Slovenian legend?

    1. ha, I guess I'd have to agree there with you.. I wasn't familiar with this catchphrase, had to look it up.. and yes, it is similar.

      The photos of the sea and coastline are from Slovenia, near Izola. I'm also not familiar as to what legend of the phrase is from.. I've heard of Portugal as having silver coasts.

      Where are your travels taking you next, if you do know?

  2. I am in my 9th life as a cat: curious for no good reason but sleepy most of the time. I might like to see the world and find a hot place to sleep, but the odd piece of paper or an old computer monitor are just warm enough. It almost seems ridiculous to fly another 3000 kms just to find a hotel with strong internet and decent used books.

    1. oh yes, to live as a cat... one of the best lives you can experience.