Saturday, 12 April 2014

Blog: Gardening and Viking poetry

Gardening and Viking poetry was what this day was mostly about. And endlessly listening to John Cafferty's songs has left me nostalgic. All my plants are in order to grow, and now I'm thinking of making an indoor garden, a very tiny one, mostly for herbs. It's so nice to plant seeds and watch them grow.

I don't know how come I've never watched Twin Peaks before, but I'm glad I found it now, it's brilliant. And that's how scarfs are made ;)

By pure coincidence I found a book titles Viking poetry of love and war and it pulled me. Also a few other books pulled me as well :)

Viking poetry of love and war by Judith Jesch

Olaf Haraldsson, king of Norway (11th century)
Olaf laments the departure of the Swedish princess Ingigerd Olafsdottir to marry another

I stood on a mound, watching
a fair mount bear the woman,
the beautiful-eyed wife
caused me to lose pleasure.
Friendly woman, goddess of the
hawk's ground, quickly drove the horse
out of the yard; each man is
haunted by one mistake.

Anonymous, from the Poetic Edda
Be cautious in your praise and appropriate in your actions

Praise the day at evening,
the wife when she's cremated,
a sword when it's tested,
a girl when she's married,
ice when you've crossed it,
beer when you've drunk it.

Chop wood in the wind,
row out to sea in good weather,
speak to a girl in the dark;
the day's eyes are many;
you need a ship for gliding;
a shield for protection;
a sword for striking;
a maiden for kissing.

Allen Ginsbergs' Howl was also among the books that found me, and here I'm sharing one of his poems:


  1. I like that promising pile of poets. Looks a little new and unread still :-)
    You'd better dog-ear some of the pages, tomake it een more inviting.
    Your flowering currant looks lovely. I never manage to gat a good picture of that shrub.
    Good luck with your seed sowing.

    1. i always take a picture of book when they are brand new, i usually don't photograph them after they are read. and i try to keep them looking as new as possible :)
      thank you! :)