Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Poetry: 3 prompts

Last evening was productive poetry-prompt-wise. Also sharing three drawings I made this week.

#4: Write a poem about your shadow

it's like a part of me
yet where is it stitched to me
I haven't figured out
it follows like it knows where I'm going
like it's spying my steps
it bends and it breaks
sometimes it's dark black
sometimes it tries on a greyscale
and sometimes I swear
it's nowhere to be found
and it gets easier to move around
and I wonder how much of me does it know?
does it talk to other shadows?
are they onto us?
                and surely someday we too will part
                where will my shadow go
                                               I don't know

#5: Write a poem using all of the following words: smooth, soothe, work, dark

what reason have you found
to contact me ten years later
once you were a real smooth-talker
now you have nothing to say
no apologies uttered
maybe you saw my picture
and an opportunity to boast
about your child and work
to soothe things over
that you were right
but your name was in the dark corner of my mind
somewhere, where I had forgotten
you ever had a part of me

#8: Write a poem using: snake, honey, thaw

cricket on my shoulder
chirping away its spring song
the air smells so sweet
of honey in the making
meadows turn into yellow
and they glow in the evening light
a snake is showing the way
into a hiding place
and I feel as if my mind finally thawed
In other news, this is the cover of my second poetry book, which will be coming soon, if not in May, then in June. :)


  1. Nice. The three verses are very well-penned. My favorite is the last one... the imagery is metaphorically resplendent. And the drawings are beautiful. :-)

  2. I really like the poem about your shadow. The second poem is very powerful. The pain is very palpable behind your words. Congratulations for your book!

  3. You have been busy!
    Nice paintings too. I like the idea that one's shadow is a separate entity with a will of its own. It often feels like that.

  4. An excellent trio - the first most special. I wonder about shadows too...
    Anna :o]

  5. nice drawings... and i love the cricket chirping away its spring song...hmmm... spring is finally here... the one with the shadow reminded me of my son when he was very small and on a night walk for the first time discovered his shadow...he was both, fascinated and frightened..

  6. beautiful poems and drawings...the shadow poem is my favorite and its last lines are intriguing...

  7. Beautiful verses and drawings dear...loads of talent I must say! :)

  8. the first is my fav, reminds me of Peter Pan :)

  9. This was a very enjoyable reading experience! Thank you.

  10. I loved the poem about the shadow. Reminds me kind of the poem by Robert Louis Stevenson - "Me and my Shadow." It is interesting to be aware of one's shadows. When my granddaughter and I walk, sometimes she is excited about how TALL her shadow is. It is interesting to speculate where one's shadow goes in the nighttime, I think. Your second poem was moving as well. Makes me wonder about the backstory. Powerful writing today...and excellent accompanying pics!

  11. I love the cover of your upcoming book. If these poems and drawings are a hint at what's inside, I know I will enjoy the book as well. The first poem resonated with my time with shadow and I particularly like this image--new to me:
    "and sometimes I swear
    it's nowhere to be found
    and it gets easier to move around
    and I wonder how much of me does it know?"

    The second poem has my favorite of the illustrations, and the third has the best role for the snake I have ever seen. Imagine: spring is everywhere and snake shows the narrator a place to hide! Perhaps a precipitous thaw makes one still sleepy.

    Thank you for all this wealth.

    1. Thank you Susan! glad you saw something more in that snake than implied :)

  12. I think I liked the shadow poem the best... it could be read as a riddle, a metaphor or just as it is... That companion we forget during winter and which turn around when we once again have spring... the second one, could really be seen in the theme of the shadow as well.. those memories dwelling there in the shadows of our mind..

  13. Natasa, what a rich feast in here this morning! Your art is beautiful, just lovely. And THREE poems. I especially like the middle one about the "friend" who reappears and doesnt seem to be a true friend. And your second book, soon to come. Yay! You are on fire, kiddo!

    1. Thank you Sherry! And the second book is already available :)

  14. Wow! ...and wonderful talent!

  15. Enjoyed your verses, specially the last one of spring song & snake ~ And congrats on published work ~

    All the best to you ~


  16. ah no matter how much we try to shake will always be there..sometimes lighter...sometimes heavier to carry....i like the extended metaphor of the shadow...and cool book cover too....

  17. Three wonderful poems but if I must pick one I like the shadow poem reminds me of a nursery rhyme.

  18. All three poems are great but i liked the first one on shadows best.