Saturday, 14 May 2022

Poem: Empty your heart on me

How your body wraps

around my curves

The instant comfort,

a safe haven

Empty your heart on me.

Flowers on the window

Thunder rolling closer

Your tired body in my lap

Hot like a stone in the sun

Your heavy breathing,

the only sound I focus on

Church bells ringing, helicopter landing

We all plunge into the hard days

without warning

Feeling under pressure

in this playground

Not knowing full well

Which road should we choose

Second guessing ourselves

Looking for a purpose in our days

It feels like we're creating 

our own way the best we know how

We can find comfort in the thought

We will manage anything

life throws at us

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Poem: Shedding armour

 As I run through these meadows

enjoying the freedom the great outdoors offer

I think of all the rooms in which I stood

hoping to fit in

All they've taught me

was how to hide

and dress myself in armour

Excusing myself and explaining why

you wouldn't love me anyway

yet at the same time

yearning to hear these words

"You are loved just as you are,

stand your ground, you are enough."

Searching for a connection

yet closing myself in solitude

Fearing abandonment

asking "why must I be?"

How deep the river flows?

How deep do the wounds reach?

Sadness gets comfortable

like a second skin

but so does anger

- showing us where it hurts,

if we pause to hear it speak

And not throw it around, 

for it grows and multiplies

If you could sell your memories, 

            would you?

Would it hurt less not to feel them

but feel the numbness of them gone

living a life of their own on the pages?

We're never finished, always falling and rising

it's only in darkness that we see the light

The person we were exists somewhere in time

You're gone but not actually gone

the image of you interchanges

Some people never leave -

names linger in the chambers of our hearts

like memories behind a tombstone

They've left, but not actually left

souls hang on to each other,



Inspired by book Binding by Bridget Collins.

Saturday, 2 April 2022

Poem: Journey back home


I get lost in the smell of trees

mixture of fresh and old

the rain exploring the boundaries

my ears searching for sound

to numb the silence

finding home in the wind

running till the dawning light

like a wolf, my heart on fire

eternity of the night

calming like the oceans waves

it covers that part of the heart

that seems to be missing something

I have waited here for you, unknowingly

I have found such calm in your eyes, unexpectedly

a feeling of coming home

as the storm rages on

I have always known your heartbeat

the waves so similar to mine

life unfolds before us

as we move from one crossroad to the next

our souls pulling us to the place,

where we belong, to life lived in peace

it's such a long-lasting journey

                back home.

Friday, 1 April 2022

Poem: Full circle


To the person we once were

To the homes we've changed

To the one's we left behind

To the nights the moon was a savior

To the days we were broken

To the heart that wouldn't give in

To the times you felt trapped with no way out

To the days when no one understood you

To the moments you wish to store

To the endings and new beginnings

To the games we played

To the paths we ran

To the people who touched your heart

To the hardships we endured

To the changes we achieved

To the tears shed and laughs given

To the wisdom of the body

In the end it all comes up full circle,

light and darkness, into a picture of remembrance.

Your life one long journey of discovering oneself.

Saturday, 19 March 2022

Poem: Change


we are innocently born to this playground

mostly water, but not liquid, made from milk

admiring the bright yellow sun

where we find our freedom

voice speaking inside, without a mouth

we're learning who we are


the story behind a name unravels

songs begging to be felt, to be written

what was placed upon your shoulders?

parts of us crack open

like a cloud when it starts raining

some days you wish it would rain hope


hope in a form of seeds, so it would grow

we wish we could dance instead of race

where have we lost ourselves on the path?

mind weary from repeating the same maze

hungry for change - let it rise up from the ashes

let it flow through our lives


we've been lost and thirsty

pouring our cups with dreams

heart throbbing with yearning

what it could be like, asking for courage

to make a step in the right direction

what awaits there?