Sunday, 14 September 2014

Poem: Silence after the song

thousand memories
launched on the ocean of your heart
you sense them sail,
etching on the surface, causing ripples
with no prediction
in which direction they will lead
all you know
there might be pain and sorrow uncovered
for the night
can bring light to your past
but in the end
there will be acceptance of all things
and undeniable comfort
of the way you feel your own skin

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Poem: Love of thousands

Photo is from a calendar, I don't know the author.

the heart can stumble, fall, float or drown in silence
the mind flying behind it, tries to reason with it
offering compromises in last rational attempts
and then the echo of a storm is seen in the eyes
but dive far enough, there will be peace,
there will be love

you carry love of thousands inside you
all your ancestors fought against the odds
took chances, met coincidences, played with fate
engaged in the game of love, ignited fires
into new hearts, exchanged stardust on the fingertips
                with those they touched

they are long hidden in the corners of your cells
somehow they still live on inside your name
as you stand here now, lost in a small memory
of the journey behind how your heart started beating
what does it take for two souls to meet?

It's not that this poem needs any additional explanation, but I just wanted to write down a few thoughts. For now I still work in gynecologist office, and pregnant women sometimes bring photos of their babies when they come for the post-partum visit. And we have walls covered with pictures of babies. And one morning I was watching these faces, all cute, new, innocent...and I thought of the long journey it took for them to be here now. The life stories of their parents, the love, the hope... And how sometimes I feel like an intruder, as we watch on ultrasound how their bodies develop; listening to the heartbeats of the unborn babies. Imagining what great odds and coincidences it took, for them to be here now, to get a chance of living. And all of this made me think...

Friday, 29 August 2014

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Photo: August trips Italy-Slovenia

Ronchi dei Legionari, WWI memorial in Redipuglia
Here on monumental terraces are buried the remains of 100,187 fallen: 39,857 known and 60,330 unknown
Basilica of Aquileia, 1031, rebuilt in 1379

Castle Duino, Sistiana and Porto Piccolo
Castle Duino


Korita Mostnice
Waterfall Mostnica
View of Lake Bohinj
Felt ice cold
And to end the day we went to Bled for kremšnite :P

Monday, 18 August 2014

Photo: Ireland

Ireland, always dreamed of visiting one day, and this year I finally did! 7 days, well 6 to be telling the truth (it took us one day to get to Dublin, felt like flying to the end of the world) and 1.500 photographs, 20 videos. The path we took was something like this: Venice-Frankfurt-London-Dublin, then Belfast, Derry, Donegal, Sligo, Westport, Galway, Aran Islands (Inishmore), Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Killarney, Watervillage, Cork, Cahir, Cashel, Killkenny and back to Dublin airport. 7 different hotels, and only one of them had a ghost in the room ;) 35 people plus tour guide and a driver, a very pleasant bunch. As there is a lot of photographs, it took me some time to put something together, so here it is:

Since we missed two connected flights I had the opportunity of sitting by the window and viewing London as we landed (such a big city)
I loved that every night we spent in a different hotel. The hotel that impressed me the most was Jameson, but I don't remember in which town.
Molly Malone and a pub in Dublin, others are details from Belfast.
Belfast, the dock where Titanic and Olympic were made (when she left, she was fine). A very interesting walk.
Giant's Causeway, the audio guide you receive on entering here is really great.
Peace lines and monument for Bloody sunday
Mostly from Donegal.
Sligo, with W.B. Yeats grave
Monument dedicated to Great Famine
Kylemore Abbey

On Inishmore, one of Aran Islands, we rented bikes and biked across it.
Worm Hole, one of the most amazing things we saw.
Cliffs of Moher
Bunratty Village
Bunratty Castle
On the way through Ring of Kerry we also had the opportunity of listening to Irish pipes.
Lots of stories gather in such a short amount of time. It was worth it. And since I love music, here are a few Irish tunes as well:
Sláinte! ;)