Sunday, 14 June 2020

Poem: Call to life

Call to life

. . .

it seems ridiculous to count the time

when no matter how much time passes

it still feels like some people never left

holding the same essence of home

within your heart


now I know we're not the same people

as we were when we went into this storm

heavy darkness filled our lungs, questioning our minds

the world isn't what is seems

it won't always be this way


but I recall a time when we were free,

when no challenge was too big,

nothing could break our spirits

when we could stand and fall together

what do we worship now?


do we ever question what we had?

and for what did we exchange it?

maybe in another life we could

meet and have it all

maybe in some other world we do


where have we hidden the key

to the cage where our hearts are locked in?

are we but shadows roaming these streets?

love is nothing but a word we fool ourselves we know

until we honestly look ourselves in the mirror


Love is all there is, the only magic you need

it starts within you and if you water it, it grows

let your heart be vulnerable, it's stronger than you think

let yourself feel the feelings and don't close the doors

we were born and we will die, in between we're alive


you’re here to find out what that means for you

and life is calling you home


© Natašek

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Poem: After you kissed me

after you kissed me
you said not a word
but you smiled like you've been waiting for this moment
now we're here and in no hurry

after you kissed me
                you said not a word
but you sighed as if a stone has been lifted from your chest
feeling like coming home

after you kissed me
                you said not a word
but I felt like you knew our souls taste similar
we accepted all that we were, all that we are, all that we will be
this time around

Monday, 6 January 2020

Poem: Who we are on the inside

when and where do you begin to be?
we count the weeks, then months, then years
but it started way before in secret, in thought
two cells collided and before you know it
                a new heart started beating

how do you measure up your life?
in years? in months? in weeks?
we all live in the same now, but our realities
are so very different, living through days
and taking tomorrows for granted

everything you feel now you carry into the future
when it can feel like it just happened, sower of time we are
reliving the past as if it's present
carrying the load for years before you start asking
                whose is it?

our stories are our, we are the writers
we don't need anyone to tell us who to be
yet we feel burdened to be what others say
we should be, although most people listen
                just to reply

how can we feel separated from nature?
we may feel like we don't belong here
our instincts shut, our senses dulled
feeling the hollowness inside
                wanting our lives to have meaning

born into the system, we learn and we adapt
so eager to grow up, we forget how to paint and play
we are just like the air, fire, water, earth IS
not separate, but one,
for we are nature

why do we close ourselves inside?
attach to things that keep us forever occupied
we have no time for ourselves
we all know something needs to be done,
                but we're so comfortable in our glitter

when do we allow our lungs just to breathe fully?
we lost connection to everything that actually matters
burning the ground underneath as we go
are our lives but shadows,
                a mere reflection of an echo

who are we, roaming these wastelands?
a shooting star in the earths existence?
the emotions we feel are vast to us
the journeys we make are our own
                who are we on the inside?
                - the whole universe?
maybe it's enough to know
                who we are not

I've come to a point in my life, where I don't usually write, but when I do, it pours and I can't stop. I hope it makes sense.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Poem: All the Love

We're rushing through days 
as we'd swim through the waves coming at us
Running in this rat race, 
catching glimpses of a life wanted
Waiting for signs of approval outside
- instead of within
Figuring out where you stand
and what you still can do
Building your own space under the sun;
Where you can find peace
Capturing moments,
trying to make good memories
So we have something to live on,
once we run out
We're fighting one bug after the other, together alone
And as I exchange one sleepless night for the other
My old life seems unrecognizable now
I stop and see right in front of me,
proof of how time moves on
As you come near, and hug me
with your little hands
I find all the love I've ever wanted to feel
Exists right here in this moment