Sunday, 18 September 2016

Poem: Reawaken

and so it goes…
years accumulate on you
you can tell it
by expectations society holds for you
when you look yourself in the mirror
do you see how many masks you shed?
meaning of old songs still ring true
there's a sadness surrounding -
those dreams you gave up
do you still hang on to fights long gone?
sometimes you feel like a winner
other times life knocks you down
no matter how far you go,
you can't outrun yourself
can you count all the reasons you gave
to excuse yourself
from the pressure of expectations?
they sell love as a piece of paper
and they put guilt on you, if you don't have it
pushing you to bring children into the world
even if they end up in broken homes
no one can know exactly how it feels
to live in your body,
 we are all alone
experiencing tastes in our own way
we pave our roads with our senses
with memories we create
and the future we build
like gardening -
things take time to grow
and patience for a good timing
everything grows at its own pace
bury your heart into the deep of the forest
hear the thumping of feet of the wild wolf inside
- your ancestors whispering in your blood
reawaken to the possibilities you hold

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Poem: In Between Moments

waking up from sleep at 4 pm
thoughts hazy and black
can't put a finger on how long I've been away
feels like coming back from the end of life
pushing me out to do what matters most

there's a sadness all my own
can't explain how lonely it can get
how can we put time linearly
when measuring it feels like
putting it into a cup

some days seem to never end
and others they just fly us by
some moments stay close
and others go down in history
all in all, it's one big mixed cloud of the past

there's a beat coming from the earth
like warm, slow waves of the sea
embracing and calling us in
time is like grains of sand
slowly vanishing into memories

when you walk through
the forest of your reminiscence
you realize the importance
of choosing the people you live with
how they've coloured your days

different imprints they left in the heart
most decisions made are based on the feeling in the eyes
- how they steal
and give
and always speak the truth

how you think about yourself
makes all the difference
the way you carry your soul
either you lift it up to find home
or you suppress it from growing

night driving - miles rolling by
freshly you pick up where you left off
as you choose the next destination
and search for something better
hoping all this would change

soul finds home somewhere in between those miles
those long and heartwarming seconds
that we carry till the ends of the earth
and are only ours to know and experience
leaving a smile on our faces

Friday, 12 August 2016

Blog: Mountains and travel

Feet have been happy running around and climbing hills and mountains. Weeks go by, and I can't follow, summer is almost behind us. Days are shorter and colder, yet there's a lot of energy left to burn, let's just keep fingers crossed for our knees :) These are photographs taken on these wanderings around the hilly surface of Slovenia.

 I visited Rome and Vatican in July, seeing Bruce Springsteen at Circus Maximus, which was fantastic.

I leave you with Triglav, a bit covered in clouds, now I'm off trying to put some of my thoughts into poems or to sleep.. we'll see about that.

Enjoy! :)

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Poem: Enough Care

I've been trying for so long to gather the right words
so it would sound the same in any language,
not to get any meaning lost in translation
everyone has a different understanding
with a different sense for right and wrong
the stories we capture create a ghost town in our lives
unless we make lessons out of them
people cross our path for a reason
under the spell of love it's so easy
to believe lover's lies, yet time
always reveals the right faces
and shows us the fools we've been
others may have seen it all along
and warned us in vain
you can't take back the words and the deeds,
only find a reasoning somewhere beyond the surface
our hearts fight bloody battles
yet they always manage to heal themselves
with enough care
it takes courage to watch the future unravel
free of fears and expectations
in any case, we've got a hell lot to learn

Monday, 11 July 2016

Poem: To find the human

Like a lost cloud in the sea of infinity,
with no connection to any place,
words trapped inside a bubble flow.
There are raging storms in this body of water;
waves rumble in the depths,
shaping the surface from the inside,
guarding pieces that have yet not been broken.
Constantly searching for the calm of rightfulness
Poet stands on the bridge between this reality
and what lays beyond the horizon;
baffled by all the possibilities, extending
dimensions of imagination, to open the eyes
in a world gone blind.
Who does it take to hear the song
of the tales that have long been unsung?
How many layers do we wrap our lives in?
So we can present this picture-perfect scenario
to the eyes of the world,
but loose our own sense of humanity;
What nurtures our dreams?
Living simultaneously as a part in endless stories;
Where do we find a place
to find the human in us?

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Poem: Ought to Permit

these walls have claimed
a right to cling onto me
even if I'd run away,
they would find me
and hold me tighter
to contain me inside
we make copies of ourselves
throughout our lives
many roles you can take on
but always follow through
in the things you teach
we spend our youth
drunk on the idea
that we could live forever
we'd be the first ones
as things start to fly by
we look for a sign of stability
gathering universal truths
this world is full of promises
you can choose to believe
anything you want
but once the mind silences itself
for those who learn to wait
things fall into place
not as you wanted them to be
but as they ought to be