Monday, 3 January 2022

Poem: Cracking the shell

in the depth of the night
when sleep won't come
you feel oozing from the forgotten wounds
the need to fit in
and not stand out
not allowed to think
and feel differently
changing our faces
as we see fit
you grew 
but with a lack of sun
you live 
but still miss something
you hug your bones close
and think: "Look how far we've come."
calming the storms within
you keep on running through
these snow covered paths
leading through the forests
where old trees dwell
reaching the heights
and you can smell
the wisdom of the roots
you surrender to the pace
trusting the clarity it brings
you've lost parts of yourself
and you have found parts of yourself
they were always there
patiently waiting
have you found where your place is?
always rushing to fulfill your goals
always racing to get to the place unknown
roaming through darkest of clouds
what is it that haunts you?
why not just stop and let it find you?
born into this strange place
we search to solve the mysteries
the echo of your days
will fill your life
with whatever you give power to
you survived the storms
you never thought you would
our time here is limited
leave behind regrets
they are nothing but lessons
of your past decisions
it's all connected somehow
you've mended your broken bones
and sewn your heart and filled it with love
you will never know how long
your words and actions
linger in the minds of others
hopefully, warming their hearts

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Poem: Sand of time


How many times has a part of you died 

 for a new one to be born

Your body constantly repairing 

 and growing throughout your lifetime

Yet it hides behind the same name, 

       the same I

How many times have you stood, 

 naked in words with someone, who later vanished

How many times have you stood 

 in complete silence with someone 

 and understood it all

       Love that you feel is timeless

Path of growing and learning

 is never ending

Healing your childhood wounds

 by yourself as an adult

Changing your road and discovering 

       the secrets your mind plays

Ghosts of past, present and future 

 will haunt you

You'll learn to master the ship

 as you sail through the time you have

Be doubtful of expectations,

       they tend to make you bleed

Your words and actions

 hold an immeasurable weight

Your footprints echo

 in the valleys of time

Everything is woven into a spiral, 

        moving ever forward

Story changes colour, 

 depending from where you're observing

Beginning and ending 

 hold a much different picture

Just as the water permeates through

            the sand grain, your why appears


Friday, 17 September 2021

Poem: Will you know how to touch?


The reflections you leave of yourself
Are unique to the watchers themselves
The image you seek is out of your hands
The world an illusion to comprehend

Your body swimming in the melody of the heart
Time slows and speeds, every thought, every emotion stays
Either it builds up or it flows onwards
The pictures are yours to cherish

Your soul searching for the meaning of words
Hearing what is said in between or not at all
Your heart reaching for pieces of itself in various ways
Always yearning for a feeling of home, wherever and whatever that may be

Life isn't a series of expected and anticipated events
You'll get lost in where you never knew you could get lost in
You'll be thrown in the water, but if you find your calm
You'll see you knew how to swim all along

Monsters in the closet will drag you down
But you'll learn that fear is there to overcome it
You may recite all wisdoms, but they are worth nothing
If you can't implement them in your life


Your life like a dream will vanish into thin air

Feed your curiosity, may the path lead you where it will
Unlock the strength of spirit hidden inside

Explore the space in which we exist

Love, above all, love; love yourself first,
Words are not enough, but they are a note of the piano key
That lets all the wild things of the heart loose
Eyes are the place where magic begins


Take care of the land around you,

deep in the forest are lessons waiting for you

You're not separate, you're one with it, with everyone around you

Touch gently but firmly, naturally.


My son inspired this one.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Poem: The space between us


We're drowning while racing for an image of perfection,
which isn't even our own to begin with.
We focus on our outer layers of the skin,
in search for something to define us.
Why do we keep joining into this man made chaos?
Cluttering the path at high speed, justifying power and greed.
What does it take for a wheel to stop?
For a pin to drop?
How long does it take to break the cycle?
Everything exists in duality.
They say we're just dust in the vast cosmic space;
But do we forget we're also seeds?
Gaze of the eyes you can't forget;
piercing into your very essence.
Can't decipher the secrets they are not telling,
of a time past or a dream shared.
Was there a moment we gazed at the stars and shared the same thought?
Are our hearts but one giant cosmos constantly searching for home,
desiring to leave our minds behind?
Skin - Is the space between us
But we speak the same soul language.


Saturday, 24 July 2021

Poem: Things you said when I was crying


These feelings are like tides

They come and go, piercing

And caressing all the wounds

Bleeding little by little

How gracefully do you let things go?

The things you wanted and dreamed of

Since childhood - can you even connect

To that child in time?

Pain demands to be felt


It's been a while... I've had this written down since my last c section... It feels a bit unfinished, but I just can't seem to find the right words.