Thursday, 25 August 2011

Poem: Wearing Autumn

This poem is included in my poetry/photography collection Colours of the sea (there are links to where you can buy it in print or as an ebook on the right side of the page).

I'd love to have someone who would make music for these videos. I know I could read the poems, but I think I'd give away the readers interpretation and besides, I don't really know how to read poetry. I thought I did, until I heard myself read it. Anyway, it'd be great to co-operate with someone, that would make music based on the each poem. Well, maybe I should dust off my guitar and start playing, huh? :)

I also wanted to draw to your attention, and if you're a poet, you really should read on! Willow Tree Press is looking for poets to publish. They make a collection of 20 poem/poets every month, and you can buy it in print. There's no fee to participate. You can read more here. There is an email address in the end, where you can send 3 poems of your choose, along with a short bio and a photo.

That's all, I'm missing autumn in this heat!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Poem: Willow twig

A new poem and slideshow.


a tree abandoned by the forest
and overshadowed by the sky
                knows this kind of loneliness
where no doe would seek shelter
and no bee share its fruits
                seeds fall gently into the stream
where the wind gives no answers
and the clouds race forward
                offer no shoulder to the teary twig
there the roots are small, yet they find
a way through the hardest of soils
                and the driest of seasons
hide in a place where the fire
                doesn't turn cold

Monday, 15 August 2011

Photo: Polhograjska gora

Since this summer isn't what I expected and I hate being too long in the same place, I started walking uphill...anywhere that takes me. These are photographs of a hill nearby, called Polhograjska gora or Sv. Lovrenc.

I forgot how much fun this is! Felt like a child running downhill.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Poem: Silhouettes

I've made a video with drawings, photographs made through the years and a poem - Silhouettes, written this year. So, here it is now, hope you like it.

"our feet move as million lights go on and off
in our bedrooms; where we keep each others
secrets; there are still corners of our skin,
that we haven't yet discovered; and it's strange
how your whole body fits on the windowsill
                our eyes live a life of their own
judging all of our shells; with dreams in our
hands, yet still looking tiny to the world; our
lungs keep count of the steps we've taken;
stretching the hands above our heads; making
flying birds with our fingers; few inches into
the air they reach, makes us feel closer to the universe
                our bodies lie naked in the soil
dancers born between the night and day;
catching the feeling of infinity on wide
open plains; there's no need to feel shame;
after all, the sun doesn't make any difference in
                silhouettes between your body and mine"


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Poem: Remembering Imprints

sway, sway, sway
through the winter wind
bended wings in the snowcovered land
these nights I keep dreaming of the sea
wrapped under the warmth of an endless horizon

on the night sky I chose a light
to break the loneliness of sitting on the roof
more and more faces have faded, lacking time
mirrors can talk, but never listen
shadows creep out of their shape

glitter on the eyelashes melts
feels like going blind
there are many reflections of me
but none of them is true
still they are lasting

living without playing any roles
left out of other peoples' stories
never to show all the cards
you can move on, but never really leave
your heart, like the snow,
                -- remembering imprints