Friday, 6 May 2011

Photo: Bled

On an international day of midwives, May 5th, we took a trip to Lake Bled, and here are a few photographs from that wonderful trip.

God speed,

Publishing: Colours of the sea now available!

Happy to announce that Colours of the sea is now available through CreateSpace eStore.

And also through,,, and as Kindle version,


"Colours of the sea is a collection of poems that wrote themselves freely, especially when the mind was caught in between being awake and asleep. There was no need to use rhythm or rhyme, only images that evoke certain feelings. They could be labelled as human nature poetry, although diverse in nature. Poems are also accompanied by photographs of nature, focused on those little, hidden and abstract things. The book is divided into five chapters, each for every year, which could make it a poetry journal. A journal of emotions, images, thoughts and dreams."

I also made a fan page on Facebook, you can like it :)

It is such a surreal feeling.