Monday, 24 February 2014

Poem: Poets' Sleep

Poet's Sleep, 1989, by Chang Houg Ahn

before they pour down on these pages
I strive to make my thoughts comprehensible
yet sleep captures me; into a dream I flee every time
silence – a familiar friend – accompanies
the feet of a wanderer
muse has been throwing rocks at my window
broken glass lays scattered
showing skulls of people lost forever
like my voice immersed in these poems
words captured together forming skeletons of ideas
who will recite them and hear me?
nonetheless, my journey through the fields
of imagination is a passion I don't question
I will be returning to them
until death infuses my flesh
- and even after, my spirit wishes
to haunt these skeletons it created
Written as a poetry prompt Mag #208.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Poem: Crestfallen

what if it were us
crestfallen in a semi-ruined city
observing our fragile lives collide
lost the instructions on how to be human
burying chances which could've made a difference
how many times have we been here before?
roaming the abandoned valleys
a collection of dismal smiles
haunts the stones that once made a home
those hours shared under the roof
future contains possibilities
of our unwritten stories we hold inside
for doubt eats them raw
and we fear what our words might initiate
if the dust of the universe is ever-present
then why aren't our building blocks stronger?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Poem: To hear you breathe

Photo of a postcard that was on a calendar.

in silence I awake, like thousand times before
conversations I keep unfolding with made-up faces
storms we create with stories we tell ourselves
the truth we find to be ice cold and lies covering like dust
we fail to keep the magic locked up
it disappears as if someone was shooting arrows at it
human voice becomes fragile against the tide of time
through a frozen forest I can still hear an echo of your voice
despite the deafening silence separating us
so lost and forgotten, yet it brings back the memories
of your touch, that sweet burning of the cheeks
I'd chase the starlight to hear you breathe
it's enough to stop the world spinning
the breath of life, which clings to us
we sell it for less or worship it for more
until we stumble and we fall
against that endless space between

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Blog: Taking on new hobbies

Sunrise this morning, taken from the comfort of my room.
I've kept myself busy with this and that. I finally went on a sewing course, I was changing my mind from yes to no to yes, and the first day I thought I'm stupid for going, it's not at all for me... but in the end... I realized I love sewing! I have quite a few projects I want to make. And I also tried a bit of crocheting. And I want to relearn knitting. I know in primary school I loved it, but now I don't even know where to begin. Anyway, love the handcraft works, it's a bit strange to say, but I use fingers quite differently now than before. They are more useful.
First skirt, well, first thing I ever sewn.
Finished with manual therapy for now, went for a short run, and legs are starting to get worked up again. But it's the only thing that really really helped to get muscles back to normal. I've had pains up my both shins for years, and it feels better now. Even the step is lighter, it's not so heavy anymore. I may be overreacting, but my ankles look thinner now :)

Even picked up a brush ;)
I've realized it's the middle of February and I've enjoyed the fact that the days are getting longer and that the birds are singing outside in the morning., which means spring will soon be here. And I've had in mind to publish the second poetry book by summer. I've put the text together, but before I get to editing I wanted to come up with a title...and I have none. I've had one in mind for a year or so, but it turns out, it's not that appropriate... It's so hard.. it really is :) Title Colours of the sea was in my head for eight years before I actually made the book. So stuck for now.
Ollie - very photogenic cat

Otherwise it's pretty much the same old story, just feels a little bit different.
Until next time...

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Poem: Flying towards infinity

trees are monsters when one treads in the darkness
I tried to reach you, but there was only an illustrious fog
queen of the night glowing, creating a dream-like scenery
the ocean before me all familiar, but it tastes somewhat more ripe
and I stopped, despite the fact that I haven't reached my destination
my eyes drawn to the walking stick left behind
its' owner went away on a final departure, like a falling star
we each take the life we were given, try to make it our own
fill it with days when we're flying towards infinity
that everlasting light flickering somewhere we can't see
but the yearning to find it comes deep from the ribs

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Photo: Ice Age

First week of February was...devastating. Snow, rain, freezing rain, sleet, trees breaking, falling on the roads together with roots, earth and rocks, power lines cut down, fog, telephones and mobile phones stopped working...and nothing I could do but read and burn candles and wait..wait for better times. We've been without electricity for almost one whole week, but there is still a lot of people who are without it. Drinking water was also a problem. And now they are warning that the flood will begin. On Wednesday I finally drove to Ljubljana and all around I saw the aftermath. There's a region by the road where once there was a's like being somewhere else.