Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Poem: Heroes

every one of us lives his own story
filled with happiness and sorrow
our voices entwined to the world
wishing only to love and be loved
to take care of those dear to the heart
to protect and nurture
and what if they are taken away from us?
precious bodies in your arms, lifeless
and there's no one who can save them
no one who could fix our problems
all the world loses its' reason
how long does it take for sadness
to disappear from the fields?
or does it echo there for generations?
when people kill people
                who's the hero?
the one who won't show his face
but carry on, doing one good deed
at a time; who won't allow
his back to be broken by despair
raging around in turmoil
the believer that the good will prevail
in the end; the one who can loose
everything, yet still have faith in humanity
are you?


  1. i would hope...and i know at others i feel my spirit pulled hard downward as i look around...i need to see the good in others though...the hope...wihtout it this world has little point you know...when we have to kill are there any winners...not really we carry it on with us....

  2. it's good to always have faith in humanity as it should start with oneself. I loved your poem!!!!


  3. Yes, everyone has his own story....and it is a strong person indeed who can lose most everything and still keep going on, believing that (in spite of all) all works together for good!

  4. Good Question, Nataša. Well posed.

  5. Most heroes are anonymous - I think the reason for heroism might be the most important thing.

  6. Oh yes, you put it wisely and well.
    Your poem is beautiful and it's a pleasure to read its tone so well expressed.

  7. faith in humanity is the only light and hope to lead us on though there will be war and hatred too..

  8. "how long does it take for sadness
    to disappear from the fields?
    or does it echo there for generations?"

    Raw and powerful. I guess, the heroic deed is to not give in to despair and keep alive one's faith in humanity for if we stoop down to the same barbarism that we claim to fight against, then there remains little difference between ourselves and our 'enemies'.

  9. it's the small gestures that give me hope for humanity, the stretched out hand, shared bread, encouraging words in difficult times.... and we can make a difference even if it looks quite bleak around us... that gives me hope as well

  10. Natasa, your beautiful poem makes me think of the Doctor who lives in Gaza, who lost three daughters to Israeli bombs, who said I Shall Not Hate and who still works for both Israelis and Palestinians. Heroic indeed. He is one of those who does not let his back be broken by despair. You have written a wonderful poem !!

  11. Everyone has a story..believing the next chapter will be better..filling pages with hope

  12. If we lose faith in humanity, how can we possibly go on from one day to the next and not despair? At the same time, I think there are times when such faith feels very frail and fragile.

  13. While we rejoice as each war comes to an end, soon another will start and someone will grow rich with the suffering. Hatred must be nurtured to make a profit.

  14. Lovely words there...
    Double likes for, "wishing only to love and be loved"

  15. So much emotion in your words. Your passion carries your meaning. I wish you peace and hope.

  16. Your opening 4 lines set the scene for the debate very well. I don't know if I could maintain my faith in humanity indefinitely, considering the atrocities which we are supposed to accept as every day occurrences.