Sunday, 22 February 2015

Poem: Dancing

sow flowers in my hair
as the summer eve softly touches the skin
smell of sweet wine fills the air
sounds of acoustic guitars take our feet
onto the meadows
where we spin round and round
until we shake ourselves lost
and in the middle of the dance we are found
Aaah, I've been dreaming of dancing in the green meadows the whole I was watching snow falling. I'm so looking forward to spring... and maybe someday I will get to experience this wish of mine.

Poem: Handle with care

you can tear and burn the photographs
but those dreams that fell apart
still linger on, yet somewhat changed
wishes upon the stars
tumbled on empty ears
always hoping for better days
holding back the tears
for the want of freedom
avoiding selling your soul
to achieve the goals
the heart believes what it believes
and it's the best guide you can listen to
and handle with care