Friday, 28 November 2014

Poem: Simmering warmth

when did it become so hard to look at things
with innocent eyes of a child?
now you realize that growing up was more
harmful than they would dare admit to you
blaming won't bring forth
any new paths for us to walk on
trusting in blind faith that the same choices
will bring new results is utopic
where do you find your haven
when you get scared to look inside of yourself?
as if you've become just a basket
for other peoples' instructions and opinions
it only works if it matters to you
million bulbs in the eyes turn on
when we speak of something
we're passionate about
whole night sky can be captured
in those moments when
we never felt more alive
inside it simmers
as if out of nothing it gives
no matter how cold it may get
no matter how the wind may roar
there's a warmth inside spreading
like electricity through our bodies
and it usually sparks just when you've
almost already given up
the most rewarding thing about it is
that it can be shared
and then it can spread like wild fire
and feels twice as good

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Poem: Silence has its ending

the times are bleak, cold and always passing
yet sunlight comes creeping in
putting a light on the dust settled on the wings
of ideas you shaped, but never kept the fire burning
your body transformed into that one of a tin man
and now you know how it feels to bleed rust
the seeds you water will sprout
every leaf has possibilities and a purpose
even after it dies away
it merges with the soil and feeds
the new ones, preparing to bloom
every waiting, like silence, has its ending

Monday, 10 November 2014

Poem: Determination

a discouraging thought of possibility
of adapting someone elses' mask
has you running always
away or towards
staying would mean deterioration
in a forest covered with snow
feet stride with determination
your blood is your own
names we cling to
as a definition of ourselves
as if they can explain the value
of our existence

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Poem: Speak in silence

buried in uncertainty
times of loss have made us question
when and if ever this road will flow more surely
as if a stream without water
as if veins without blood
this too will pass
a test 
                of how good a driver you are 
                in picking up pieces of your life
you're supposed to live through
decisions are hard to make
only when they matter
when shadows rise above our heads
we all change our faces
our bruises and wounds
are the colours that shine
through our smiles