Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Poem: Wanderers

There have been many dark valleys

and tunnels your soul has endured

It roamed around unknown places

for so long, even crows knew your name

Deep inside, you always knew

which road was meant for you

Many fights and obstacles you fought

and no one can answer, how many more await

Some days all you do is look for meaning

in every “why?” and “what for?”

Remember bad choices, until you learn from them

then let them go, learn to let things go

There is no guarantee for what follows next

it's a game, where it's hard to speak

of degrees of fairness

Some things depend on each other

and you can't have one thing without the other

but in order to leave that point, you need it,

but you can't get it because you haven't yet left

Everything is in constant motion

 -  f l o w i n g, and time can change every-thing

even your  s k i n

You speak of TIME as a thing of the past; or of the future

and in how much you still have it, or how much you don’t

but you fail to see it has enslaved you from the moment.

You are an explorer,

always on an adventure

striving to reach that perfect space

holding life in the highest regard

it’s an amazing thing, how it survives

no matter the odds

You realize you have much more to learn

and much more to give; you feel the seeds

of ideas in your mind, not yet ready to burst

Through your own eyes you discover laws

on which this world is made upon

Inside you're full of bruises that are hidden

to the naked eye; yet they are as much a part of you

as your heart will ever be; you'll never know

the scent you leave behind

Are you even aware of the vastness

that resides within you?

Yet you seek external stimulus,

 to distract you from being true and free

For what would other people think?

We like to think we're winners

Many great civilizations fell before us

and we failed to learn from history

We arrive

and we leave

So be true in your intentions

and take care of Earth,

for it sustains life

in many wondrous forms.

Find your balance

- in anything you do

Find a companion

with a gentle heart

Find your voice

and be brave enough

to speak it clearly.

Take a breath

and look up to the sky

and search for stars

Among it, you will find

a place where you belong