Monday, 21 April 2014

Poem: 20 questions (or more)

if there is an afterlife, can you travel in time?
who would you talk to and what knowledge do you think you'd gain?
what if heaven and hell exist only here and now in our minds?
how would you paint yourself in others and how much would it matter?
if you are the master of your own destiny, why do you blame it on others?
what would you change about your body?
and would we all really want to look alike?
who do you think of in your sleep?
and who makes your heart skip a beat?
has anyone supposed it lucky to be born in this world?
who would it take to face the cold, harsh truth?
if you could re-live just one day of your life, which day would you pick?
do you remember the first time your heart chamber started beating?
do you recall how your lungs felt as oxygen filled them for the first time?
would it make a difference if you knew when you are going to die?
if a fortune-teller predicted something will happen to you,
would you learn to live with it, or would you try to change it?
how would you describe absolute bliss?
if you knew your habits before conception can affect the health of your child,
would you change them?
what kind of a message would you like to leave behind to the world?
when you think of our fragile existence and limited time,
how can you say you're bored?
be grateful for this moment, it is all there is

Another prompt for NaPoWriMo day #14.


  1. wow some thought provoking questions...i def would not want to tamper with an unborn child...ugh...too controlling for my blood....

  2. how would you describe absolute bliss?
    if you knew your habits before conception can affect the health of your child,
    would you change them?

    My favorite. I like this blog, I like the poems. It's very inspiring :)

    Keep it up!

  3. So many questions. Perhaps with a log fire and a glass of red I may attempt some of the easier ones!

    1. fire and red wine have a lot of answers i agree :)

  4. "be grateful for this moment, it is all there is" yes indeed, always grateful :)

  5. I like the heart skip a beat question right smack dab in the middle! The rhythm takes over from that refreshment and every question after took on more significance.

  6. "if you are the master of your own destiny, why do you blame it on others?"...if one is willing to answer this honestly afterlife will start in this many thought provoking lines natasa.

  7. I like the questions format, so many days to choose and re-live my life ~ Everyday is a blessing, smiles ~


  8. Such deep questions! I love the simplicity of the words with which with you've explored life, death and rebirth.

  9. Some powerful questions you pose. Thought provoking.

  10. exquisitely posed questions… mystery is a blessing unfolding, sometimes we forget that.

  11. What a fantastic series of thought-provoking questions, especially changing the habits to protect the health of the unborn. REALLY good one! Great write, Natasa!

  12. Good to ask these types of questions sometimes.. :)

  13. Question in a poem -- what a great idea. sometimes the questions says so much more than answers.

  14. Interesting questions to stimulate the mind.

  15. Hi Natasa,

    Fresh and thought provoking - with a powerful close. An uplifting read - Thank you... With Best Wishes Scott

  16. Nataša, I loved this. I'll be pondering for the rest of the day. Just beautiful and definitely the most thought-provoking poem I've ever read.

  17. This poem asks so many timeless questions. If I had one day to relive, it would the day my daughters and I celebrated our birthdays together, don't think I have ever felt so happy. Love this poem, so profound.

  18. nice... and I am grateful :-)

  19. Wow, one thing I know for sure I would read this poem over and over again. Cheers!

  20. Thought provoking and I truly am grateful for every second of this life of mine.
    Anna :o]