Thursday, 10 April 2014

Poem: Are you awake

photo by Kelsey Hannah

are you awake?

your thoughts knitted between your fingers

hands drawing images of longing into the air

   remember, the dreams

and ideas, which pulled you forward?

   remember, the hopes

and ambitions, which helped to steady your feet?

all those premonitions you had

   are slowly finding its place

like skin - we shed our souls

   and stand as survivors

there is a certain ache of existing present

   somehow the glowing sunrays decrease it

a comforting sound, a silent echo behind our steps

   guiding us back into dust

                are we awake?

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 214.


  1. This felt like a sharp inhale, gasping for air. I loved it.

  2. "we shed our souls and stand as survivors"...that's clever!

  3. This poem travels full circle....and is filled with reflections any of us might have..

  4. My goodness, girl, this is good!
    "we shed our souls
    and stand as survivors"
    Forgive me for quoting here, but these lines are so poignant. Well done.

  5. the time is difficult when we do not live but survive.....and that aching existence is almost unbearable...i like how 'you' merges with 'we'....i read the poem in this light.....

  6. I like how your question gores from "are you awake" to "are we awake" with your thought-provoking questions and imagery in between.

  7. nice cyclical piece....from dust we are made to dust we become....
    are we awake i think can be a wake up call to use the time we have...

  8. Are we! Most of us are not. One tends to be led by events and frantically try to adjust the best we can. Nice thoughts Natasa!


  9. perfect write for your picture... the two go so well together

  10. I like the title and tying back of first and last line ~ Very lovely share ~

  11. Wow! I felt you were speaking to me. Under the influence of Sherry Blue Sky's poem, I am returned to wakefulness in yours.

  12. geeze! This week is full of outstanding "stuff" and you just added some more. Wonderful piece. :-)

  13. Beautiful, especially your opening for me--so visual and contemplative--

  14. Natasa, I have read many responses to this picture and yours is the one that voices how it impacted me - that sense of longing is palpable in the photo. "There is a certain ache of existing present" - what a fantastic statement that is, and so true. Love the questions and reflections this poem both asks and provokes..........a lot of awareness in one still young, you must be an Old Soul!

  15. Natasha, a wonderful sensory piece.You really awaken the reader as we strain to see, hear, feel.
    Nicely done

  16. A perfect ekphrastic poem, every line reflects the image, this is so well crafted

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love...

  17. A very contemplative piece, Natasa. It had me thinking deep which i always like in reading a poem. Beautiful. Smiles.

  18. 'Are we awake?' Beautiful contemplative writing Natasa... :)