Sunday, 19 April 2015

Poem: Smoke, fog and haze

where is it written
                how many days one must spend
                roaming through the fog
                where terrain is moist and slippery
                and nothing can be taken for granted
                not the past, not the future
                the uncertainty
                testing your will to survive

how far does the smoke reach
                of burned passion and dreams
                does it change your view
                fire will rekindle unexpectedly
                if only you can step on the same road again
                one, two, three...
                mistakes are lessons
                and lessons learned bring clearance

does the haze cloud your judgment
                the ability to see the light
                somewhere beyond
                does it hide the secrets
                we fear to share
                or can you see the stories emerging
                grand and filled with love
                from which a fresh start is given

Poem: Sound of silence

constantly bathing our ears in sound
minds cluttered with thought
and when we dive into silence
our demons start screaming
grabbing at our necks
filling our hearts with fear
for it is unknown
all the stuffed clutter gets loose
from deep within the bones
where cracks appear
suffocating feeling produces a sigh
and when the screaming stops
sense of peace spreads
into the core of our breathing

Poem: Secrets of the sea

painting by Daria Petrilli

fingers weaving blue velvet
to surround myself with
electric pulse running through
parts of the body as if
gaining consciousness
from deep within me
a tree grows outward
my heart an ocean
that sends out waves
for a beacon to guide to safety
life flows like a river
bruising and polishing
against the rocks
thoughts are like fish
finding a current
always longing
to understand
the secrets
of the sea
 Written for the Mag #265.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Poem: Travellers

swift travellers through time
when all we know is now
what did you do on this day, a year ago?
not something you would know
but social media might
unfinished business creeping
into your fever dreams
soul screaming in the silence of 4 am
in fear of not existing
glittering rain painting on the ceiling
those native stars
trying to guide us back to ourselves
lets' prevent the fires from failing
providing us with endless possibilities
lets' bury the soles of our feet into the soil
the consciousness of us all
roaming the open roads
defying mortality of our bodies
on a journey through universe
what it is that you contain?
what it is that you carry with you?
when all you have is this moment
to live