Saturday, 23 November 2013

Poem: Disarmed

we were drunk on LOVE –
it dripped down our throats like water
                with such ease, we never dared question
answers to the should've? could've? would've?
                seem to fail us, leaving us certain we went the wrong way
but there is no storybook simple path
                they are what they are, no matter what names we give them
                and only if we follow we see where they lead
take the good with the bad and break the shell
just like wine ages, memories form into pearls
                what we are now, was decided in the past
what we will become requires devotion to time
we can't be the same as we were when we met
for we ignited feelings we could never imagine
like two matches burning together
as the snow gently surrounds the space into silence
then you smile at me – and I'm...

Poem: Just be simple

you watch the rain pour over the streets
from the comfort of your room
with an eternal question on your mind
»why isn't this simple?«
as we keep repeating the same creed
high on lust and greed
with one leg chasing the future
and another stuck in the past
how we've learned to skip the now
drunk on appearances and value of money
a single stroke of a drop turns clear into muddy
still we manage to wake up not in horror
at our own freak show
everybody knows the shades of loneliness
and how they creep among us
as we stand like silhouettes of trees in the mist
we devote our energy to the things
that keep our minds sane, in this insane game
reaching new definitions of normality
it takes strength to be gentle and kind
if it hurts, it means it matters and you're doing it right
and you know the comfort of getting lost
- it helps you find yourself
and when you gaze high above yourself you see
                the whole universe smiling back at you

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Poetry: November tankas

behind hospital windows
many lights had perished
soft rain made trees grow
child's laughter echoed from underneath
now dreaming of writing the last page

thousands of birds flee
over the surface of the sea
        found home on the island
        covered in silence
how can I make you remember me?

dewy raindrops glittering
under the hollow tree whispering
        about lifelines of the fallen leaves
        gathering blood into streams
from underneath the dreams are shimmering

Once more tankas for real toads.