Saturday, 16 November 2013

Poem: Ripple in the night

Degas, Edgar, Danseuse ajustant sa bretelle, négatif 1895-1896.

in silence you danced
    to the rhythm your heart whispered
    flying somewhere through the stratosphere
the only thing to remember
    is to breathe, breathe the eternal grace
    lost in the soft movement between the burning
of a brand new day and fragile remains of the daylight
    listening to the questions of a wanderer
    you flow like a moon's reflection
forever playful and sparkling
    there you were found, in that short part of freedom
    remembering a song of a caged bird
it seemed to you, the mountain knew your very existence
    as if you arrived out of its' hardships and fertile seasons
    it lures you in, like it's your safe net
then you find things you deemed so important
    somehow lost their value
    independently your fingers follow
a ripple started somewhere in the night   
    and in the morning you wish
    to have no regrets


Written as a poetry prompt The Mag #193. Took me awhile. As I saw the photograph my mind went to the song "If I be wrong" by Wolf Larsen. It's such a beautiful song.


  1. this is beautiful. I'd say no more.

  2. A well written piece.....It has a certain ethereal quality to it that I like.

  3. it is funny how things that once seemed important too us become no longer important...hopefully too we find no regrets...its not as if we can change what once was and it all played into us becoming who we are...

  4. a beautiful thought is heard in the whispering of the heart .......lovely...

  5. moving vivid piece full of lovely images.especially, flowing like a moon's reflection.

  6. This is written with the delicate grace of a dancer, a really splendid reading experience.

  7. Sometimes things that you value are found not to be so important after all. A person needs to listen to those ripples!

  8. I especially love "breathe the eternal grace......" Very lovely thoughts and images in this poem.

  9. You flow like a moon reflection ...lovely description of a dancer. And your poem flows beautifully, too :)

  10. Natasa,

    So very sensuous and filled with imagary. Also a questioning remains, when morning arrives.


  11. Aaah!

    ".... to breathe, breathe the eternal grace....
    ... A ripple started somewhere in the night...
    and in the morning wish
    to have no regrets.."
    I'm so with you here Natasa - lovely, soulful work... With Best Wishes Scott

  12. Nice. We gain nothing through regrets. It is better to accept the things which once were important but are not so anymore and keep on walking this path of life. Beautiful writing. :-)

  13. elegantly done, and I loved the beautiful imagery in the poem. the last two lines kept repeating in my head. :)
    and yes, thanks for sharing the video.

  14. beautiful words...I really enjoyed reading this work.