Sunday, 7 January 2018

Poem: Dancer in the dark

you're a dancer in the dark
not knowing what and who you will become
floating in the ocean like an astronaut
pieces of stardust flowing through your blood
of a story that started long before knowing
like ripping out a page, burning it to dust
and let wind to take its meaning
what you're here to endure will be revealed along the path
we're here to hold our sadness to each his own
but may you not follow what others will lay out for you
may you look yourself in the mirror and recognize
your true self looking back at you
others will force their expectations upon you
and deep inside you'll know you won't be able to achieve them
being contradictory and ever-changing
which may leave you confused and wishing for something
to fit into an idea not yours
the thing is though, most people have no idea
leading a safe life in order to survive
don't be busy with living or days will pass you by
leave you empty yearning for something more
don't force too much of yourself, or if you do, ignite!
dive into the flame and keep it burning