Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Poem: Heroes

every one of us lives his own story
filled with happiness and sorrow
our voices entwined to the world
wishing only to love and be loved
to take care of those dear to the heart
to protect and nurture
and what if they are taken away from us?
precious bodies in your arms, lifeless
and there's no one who can save them
no one who could fix our problems
all the world loses its' reason
how long does it take for sadness
to disappear from the fields?
or does it echo there for generations?
when people kill people
                who's the hero?
the one who won't show his face
but carry on, doing one good deed
at a time; who won't allow
his back to be broken by despair
raging around in turmoil
the believer that the good will prevail
in the end; the one who can loose
everything, yet still have faith in humanity
are you?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Poem: Comfort of the clouds

in the comfortable corner of the room
when the world becomes silent and black
my thoughts subside, and only then do I dare to admit 
I think of you most of the time
more than I would allow to show
I utter a tiny wish, that you would think of me 
as often as I think of you
wishing that what we ventured onto was real and true
but I'm afraid to look up at the sky,
for it's easy enough to be shot down
so I keep it a secret, somewhere where I believe
I can guard it and play safe
but the truth is, the walls fall apart
as if you see right through me
just a thought of you soothes my weary mind
and I know the comfort of the clouds

Poem: Tiny silk thread

your cheek touches the hard surface of the pavement

in your eyes there are no sparks smouldering

the spirit resists and it bites as long as it can

but sometimes we enter and we fall

under the grip of a zombie killer with dotted wings

transparent X marks the spot where greed dwells

only one eternal love rules the world

smell of money and stupid things

under the fingernails like a drug

all things we have now started as a dream of someone

but it's up to the generations

what purpose they will bring to them

can a tiny silk thread change much?

Poem: Sigh

your feet have stepped

on the same staircase

hundreds of times

in haste and in languidness

I can hear creaking of wood on certain parts

over-used with heavy burden

like a sigh reaching out from the lungs

a well-known and established path

has taken you on plenty of different journeys

some even made you question the steps you've chosen

and have I been unknowingly walking behind you?

funny, what kind of feelings time can stir up inside

what would it take to diminish your deep-rooted sorrow?

Written for Magpie Tales #228.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Poem: A small matter of falling

a rock falling into pitch blue lake – soundlessly,
with little or no effort; it makes its' way naturally,
like my heart melting when his eyes hold me captive
no air left in my lungs, only the warmth spreading
to the bottom, where all things go quiet.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Poem: China Doll

I hear a question
»Did you sleep ok?«
like out of the blue
I didn't even know I was awake,
my mind still puzzled
my skin slowly fading away
like it's losing layer after layer
and there's no way to stop it
how much more time do I have?
pieces of a broken china doll
lay on the table
there is a flame burning
and it seems as all the pieces
are coming together
as I dance, birds fly
from my hands in a free motion
and I envy the freedom at their wings

 When the temperatures rise, my mind gets confused, thus the poem may be a bit confusing.