Sunday, 18 September 2016

Poem: Reawaken

and so it goes…
years accumulate on you
you can tell it
by expectations society holds for you
when you look yourself in the mirror
do you see how many masks you shed?
meaning of old songs still ring true
there's a sadness surrounding -
those dreams you gave up
do you still hang on to fights long gone?
sometimes you feel like a winner
other times life knocks you down
no matter how far you go,
you can't outrun yourself
can you count all the reasons you gave
to excuse yourself
from the pressure of expectations?
they sell love as a piece of paper
and they put guilt on you, if you don't have it
pushing you to bring children into the world
even if they end up in broken homes
no one can know exactly how it feels
to live in your body,
 we are all alone
experiencing tastes in our own way
we pave our roads with our senses
with memories we create
and the future we build
like gardening -
things take time to grow
and patience for a good timing
everything grows at its own pace
bury your heart into the deep of the forest
hear the thumping of feet of the wild wolf inside
- your ancestors whispering in your blood
reawaken to the possibilities you hold