Thursday, 9 April 2015

Poem: Travellers

swift travellers through time
when all we know is now
what did you do on this day, a year ago?
not something you would know
but social media might
unfinished business creeping
into your fever dreams
soul screaming in the silence of 4 am
in fear of not existing
glittering rain painting on the ceiling
those native stars
trying to guide us back to ourselves
lets' prevent the fires from failing
providing us with endless possibilities
lets' bury the soles of our feet into the soil
the consciousness of us all
roaming the open roads
defying mortality of our bodies
on a journey through universe
what it is that you contain?
what it is that you carry with you?
when all you have is this moment
to live


  1. lets' prevent the fires from failing
    providing us with endless possibilities
    lets' bury the soles of our feet into the soil

    Yes, one is not to accept it blindly! Man is made of sterner stuff. Man can put up a creditable show! Truly said Natasa!


  2. I'm grateful not to need social media to give meaning to my life and you offer useful suggestions here of how to remain in touch with inner self by finding a place in the natural world.

  3. Powerful imagery... gave me goosebumps!!
    Beautifully written :)
    Hope you are having a nice day :)
    Have a great week ahead :D

  4. Sometimes it is scary that we think we only exist on the images we create in social media... impact and images coming from bare feet sinking into soil is really all we should need.

  5. Love traveling time! How inspiring to remember to appreciate every moment in now....Good on you :)x

  6. i couldn't help but think one who likes to roam has these feelings... nice capture

  7. Yes, we might not know what we did a year ago indeed...but social media might make it discoverable. I like thinking about what a person contains and what a person carries with them. Lots to speculate about in any given life.

  8. I like how this circles from the now to the now--beautiful writing!

  9. I am not into social media but I am very thankful of every moment now & living in the present ~

  10. Well said Nataša....

    'those native stars
    trying to guide us back to ourselves'

    far better than anything artificial like social media.

  11. This is an interesting question you ask at the beginning. All the more so as for the first time this weekend Facebook showed me a post from two years ago. It made me realize how much had changed in my life since then. But I agree with you that it is a pity that social media sometimes seem to have more memory than we do.

  12. we should use social media, not let social media used us. this is a timely reminder to be properly grounded..
    excellent poem!

  13. Love the last two lines in particular....a great and poignant reminder to consider what really matters.

  14. Lovely thoughts about fear of non-existence. Death is the ultimate fear, so we should all dig in and live this moment. Your poem has so much depth. I enjoyed reading it and thinking about it.

  15. We are so much more than social media. Our memories are secret safes of all that has gone before and talk to us reminding us what was.

    1. I love what you said or better yet, how you said it :)

  16. It's a good reminder to look at own selves so full of potentiality and faculty...

  17. we seek to go here and there but perhaps what we need requires a ad different kind of journey...a still one...searching inside

  18. Social Media is a place I do not want to exist.

    Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

  19. Loved this, Natasa! One of my favorites this week! I loved this line

    'lets' bury the soles of our feet into the soil
    the consciousness of us all'.

  20. Natasa,

    Reminds me of 'how it was,' in the olden days of my grandparents; before internet and television. Memories were made by conversation and actual interaction with friends and neighbours..As life might be for travellers of today, without any other means of communication..Though, I sense most have at least a mobile phone!!


  21. Yes we all forget to be present. This is a great poem.

  22. social media is somewhat controlling all of our lives which is a not always a good thing. thanks for this reminder, Natasca