Sunday, 9 February 2014

Poem: Flying towards infinity

trees are monsters when one treads in the darkness
I tried to reach you, but there was only an illustrious fog
queen of the night glowing, creating a dream-like scenery
the ocean before me all familiar, but it tastes somewhat more ripe
and I stopped, despite the fact that I haven't reached my destination
my eyes drawn to the walking stick left behind
its' owner went away on a final departure, like a falling star
we each take the life we were given, try to make it our own
fill it with days when we're flying towards infinity
that everlasting light flickering somewhere we can't see
but the yearning to find it comes deep from the ribs


  1. Love the imagery, the trees as monsters, the walking stick left behind, falling stars and flickering lights.

  2. sorry you have had a tough week...its good to see you, regardless...
    i like the taking of that life and making it what we will...and that yearning...

  3. So true that we each take the life we were given and try to make it our own. Somehow we DO try to make sense of it...however we can. And, yes, the yearning comes from the depths of our being.

  4. I was most struck by those lines too - "we each take the life we were given and try to make it our own." Great write, Natasa.

  5. Natasa,

    Reaching upwards for something we expect gives more hope. Trying to find our own place in this life...Inspiring.


  6. I'm with you on the trees as monsters... I'm reminded of Snowwhite running through the woods... or the hobbits being eaten by the willow man...

  7. Great title for this poem, Natasá! "we each take the life we were given, try to make it our own" - we do indeed and it is both a wonderful and daunting task.

  8. Hi Natasa, what a stunning opening line! And generally a great evocation of the yearning to feel more complete - brave and rewarding work to read - Thankyou... With Best Wishes Scott

  9. lovely imagery, the walking stick left behind, it reminds me of those that are lost

  10. I, like others, really noticed the walking stick left behind. How incredibly ominous, great snippet of "yikes, others are gone."

  11. I love poetry that makes me reassess my perception of the known world. Your opening line really did that for me. Superb poetry.

  12. I have that yearning, even after companions on the path depart. I wonder about the trees, whether they can become more friendly in time.