Sunday, 12 January 2014

Poem: The passage

The Passage - Elisabetta Trevisan
we immerse ourselves in flowers, leaves, snow and ears of poppies
all year round we change the way we wear our faces
eternal calmness always rooted deep within
for we know things about where we come from
giving us that motherly wisdom books can't teach
lest we forget a simple call of a rook might evoke strings within
we believe that with every passage we gain life
yet it is forever changing in what it gives and offers
knowing nothing lasts forever, our hearts grieve beforehand
time flows on with no resistance
Written for a poetry prompt at imaginary garden with real toads. The image featured is by Elisabetta Trevisan, you can find her work here: LINK.


  1. Life is forever changing & whether we like it or not, time flows on with no resistance ~ Thanks for sharing your words & linking up with Real Toads ~ Have a good week ahead ~

  2. "knowing nothing lasts forever, our hearts grieve beforehand" I guess that's why all pleasure is tinged with sadness. Nice work here.

  3. nice personification and gives a feeling of seasonal changes.

  4. This is such a thoughtful response to the artwork - which becomes the strating point for deep introspection.

  5. I would like to feel that "eternal calmness always rooted deep within". Beautiful poem.

  6. This has an almost melancholy feel to it Natasa, very nice

  7. Excellent. This is a perfectly paced reminder that people who live with four seasons face each one with remarkable calm.

  8. This is an extremely beautiful poem, kiddo.......I love how "we change the way we wear our faces"....that is so true!

  9. So very true that nothing lasts forever. And if we think about it, perhaps we might grieve what we have before it is gone; but, on the other hand, if we did this we would be regretting the happiness while we have it & that would not be a productive thing.

    Missed you in Poetry Pantry on Sunday! Hope we'll see you this next week. Happy Tuesday to you!