Sunday, 12 January 2014

Poem: Lighthouse

La Jument, off the coast of Brittany, photograph by Jean Guichard
waves keep on crashin' into the walls
trying to erase things you want to let go
restless nature of your mind thinks
it will find freedom in loneliness
yet it is begging for help, I can hear it roar
no matter how legitimate reasons you forge
no matter what lies you tell yourself
there is no way to push the years you spent
out of your ocean – they happened
and they formed a perfect place
to swim in – ever forward with the tide
the lighthouse is always there to remind you
of a way to yourself who wants rescuing
and if you ever go blind
I'll throw myself into you
to find a beacon, that tiny ray
and bring you back home
Written for poetry prompt by Magpie tales #202. Murakami's The wind up bird chronicle and music by Ludovico Einaudi were there inspiration.


  1. I love Murakami. I'm glad to hear The Wind Up Bird inspired you to write this beautiful piece.

    In the end of the day, whatever weather we had to face, everyone just wishes to be brought home by that our special beacon. <3

    Take care and keep smiling.

  2. yes, a lighthouse and the depths around it could easily be a metaphor for life.

  3. Sad when a person has lost directions. Conflicts in his being. Imperative he gets all the help!. Nicely Natasa!


  4. Never easy to be out of one's ocean...nice write...

  5. There's always that powerful pull if there be a tiny ray. Beautifully penned.