Saturday, 11 January 2014

Poem: It was the road

so randomly our paths intertwine
every person sitting on the edge of his throne
watching the world unfold
every person with a heartbeat that is his
yet the rhythm soothes us all the same
a million roads leading nowhere
a million more for those who see
new paths forming with every step we make
cycle of life leaves us somewhat fearful of tomorrow
it starts our slowly, once you learn to run
it seems you're out to outrun yourself
milestones just fly by
certain doors are harder to open
others you won't be able to close
grab what memories you can
every now and again, nostalgia will take over
reminding you of events by which you were made richer
some seem so far away
while other you seem to see in the mirror
what we share now is time, which will soon become history
and future will make us better judges
we received no instructions
life lessons are for free
the details of what we love shape our days
they fill our lives with the fragrance of purpose
in the end you'll see it was the road,
which made the pearls shine


  1. Lovely Natasa, how easily and naturally you write about something I can resonate with so perfectly. All you say here seems beautiful and true to me and written with a knowing balance and understanding - "it was the road that made the pearls shine.." Indeed!! Loved it! Regards Scott

  2. some really great wisdom of life in this...and the promises...i like the days shaped by what we love....and in that finding our purpose....truth though in how we sit on the edge of our own thrones....

  3. Life does move too fast sometimes and we need to show down and smell the roses.
    I just love the closing lines.

  4. 'what we share now is time, / which will soon become history / and future will make us better judges..'---i particularly love these clever lines... the whole piece was a delight to read... thank you... smiles...

  5. Yikes...I relate to this...the older I get, the more milestones I fail to ponder, the more it seems a million paths are leading to nowhere.

  6. This is amazing. What a beautiful poem! And the message hit home. The journey matters much more than the destination because we keep chasing one thing after another as long as we are alive. And the experiences that we manage to collect along the way are the ones that polish us and make us shine the way we should.

    An absolute favourite. :)

  7. I so enjoy your poetry. So much thought goes into the message, and great care taken in its expression.

  8. I SO LOVE "in the end you'll see, it was the road which made the pearls shine". So wise, Natasa.

  9. Wise and well thought. I loved the ending.

  10. I love this introspective piece--and I especially love the end--so well crafted!

  11. Yes, indeed, TIME will become history...and far too soon. I like the ending wisdom, Natasa, the realization that it is the road (itself) that makes the pearls (along the way) shine! Nice!

  12. The road is what make all the sense in the end.. love that wisdom.

  13. Your beautiful closing lines reminded me of a saying about the journey being more important than the destination!

  14. Nataša, this drew me right in from the amazing opening and held me spellbound to the last word. Beautiful!

  15. something to ponder again. great use of language.
    reminds me of the paths made by people taking shortcuts across a grass field. at first they are not very clear but over time, the paths are kind of permanent. :)

  16. this is an amazing poem Natasa....'new paths forming with every step we make'..a great
    realisation...and how true is the fact that 'life lessons are for free' the imagery of pearl....

  17. Each on a throne, o yes, and as you say it is instead the roads we share that lends value to each. Beautifully played out. I love the fragrance of purpose in your poem and in my life.