Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Poem: Remembering Imprints

sway, sway, sway
through the winter wind
bended wings in the snowcovered land
these nights I keep dreaming of the sea
wrapped under the warmth of an endless horizon

on the night sky I chose a light
to break the loneliness of sitting on the roof
more and more faces have faded, lacking time
mirrors can talk, but never listen
shadows creep out of their shape

glitter on the eyelashes melts
feels like going blind
there are many reflections of me
but none of them is true
still they are lasting

living without playing any roles
left out of other peoples' stories
never to show all the cards
you can move on, but never really leave
your heart, like the snow,
                -- remembering imprints


  1. How true, we may not be in anybody's story any more but our imprints do.

  2. I love the wintry ambiance that opens this poem, the somewhat sterile promontory that affords the vision expressed throughout the rest of the poem. (When I lived in Washington State I dreamt much of oceans during the winter -- moved south come Spring.) There's a part of us that's ever on this distant, snow-covered stage, playing out a drama which may belong more to Ariel than Propero. Nice - Brendan

  3. Imprints are after the fact and are no longer influenced by the person anymore. As such it does not really matter. Nicely Natasa!


  4. Beautiful to read and then experience your poem, the video medium an imprint itself. I had never thought of what being role-less meant, or the many ways the heart is like the snow. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful how you used a winter theme. There seems to be a bit of us that holds the imprint of others when they are gone from our lives

  6. This is absolutely beautiful. An amazing poem! Love the person sitting on the roof and "mirrors can talk, but never listen". Wowzers, kiddo! Fantastic writing!

  7. reflections, imprints. What people see is never totally the real "us". Lovley.

  8. remarkable strong poem...imprints leave indelible marks on us all...

  9. left out of other peoples stories---remembering imprints.....make it very poignant....beautiful....

  10. 'more and more faces have faded'

    lilting and longing ~