Sunday, 9 October 2011

Poem: Hands, Fingers and Arms

I imagine my HANDS 
...having a watch to count the good deeds
...having strength to raise children so they would be brave
...having posture to express more empathy than conformity
...using sparks that light up the hearts in need
...having enough warmth to offer shelter in the coldest of times
...having wisdom to share with others
...can set aside the differences between us
...knowing every forest like the back of the hand
I imagine my FINGERS 
...making symphonies with the stroke of grain
...are able to speak to the deaf
...don't tremble at the thought of fear
...can paint a better picture
...reaching into the deepest places in search for truth
...can recite old, forgotten tales
...can untangle the mysteries of the universe
...are the best toys and learning tools

I imagine my ARMS 
...are as soft as pillows, that dry away the sadness
...are calming like the sea waves
...are not tired after a days work
...have the power to stand the time
...are growing new flowers
...offering support to every blossom or seed
...can dance joyfully with anyone
...can welcome birth and death with the same grace

and in the end I imagine they are able to forgive 
                what has or hasn't been done


  1. hopefully we can more than imagine some of those things you know...and live and be them...talking to the deaf, one summer i went mountain climbing and my belay was deaf, i learned quick...smiles...and to forgive may be the hardest to learn of all...

  2. I enjoyed reading what you imagine! And the addition at the end is lovely.

  3. Nataša, I liked your imaginings; and somehow as I read them over I believe that imagining is the first step to fulfilling them. One I really liked was about welcoming 'birth and death with the same grace.' I liked the symbolism of the picture of the hand and arm at the end. VERY nice!

  4. Hi Natasa,

    Very nice indeed - 'able to forgive..' says it all - Lovely... With Best Wishes Scott

  5. This was so beautiful and thought provoking. How often we take our gifts for granted, Nataša.

  6. Love the way you weaved details of each bodily part, the use of metaphors & imagination - i imagine my arms growing new flowers ~

  7. I loved this - wonderful thoughts - and the photos are great, especially the one spelling Love.

  8. a series of optimistic thoughts.lovely.

  9. And if you imagine it, it will be true--this is lovely--and thoughtful and so full of love

  10. This is the beauty of the list poem. Love the images and generosity and love expressed here.

  11. If you have any photos from your part of the world that I could feature on Poetry Pantry, feel free to send one to me. Be sure to label it for me, so I know what it is.

  12. lovely list poem. :)
    I imagine my HANDS -- can set aside the differences between us : if they hold the pens that make peace instead of the swords that make war?

    nice pictures too!

  13. Truly... a prayer worth tucking away. I'm printing this out and placing it in my Bible. Thank you.