Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Poem: Late Summer

how much of your life
has been spent riding
on a wild horse, 'cause
one thing led to another
and you never stopped
to think and reflect
if it's the right way
do your lungs still breathe?
does your heart know passion?
do your feet touch the ground?
when something fails
causes you seek everywhere
but you failed yourself first
stroke the fields of grain
with your hand and feel
how the wind caresses everything
the feet yearn to feel the earth
connection to that old self they seek
and lungs to find that limit of their ability
like a child in foetus position
yearning to feel home surrounding
in the late summer you seek home
Written for the Mag #281.


  1. A lovely piece, a yearning for love perhaps...

  2. The beauty of nature is mesmerising and it is our true home

  3. a salutory tale of grounding - beautifully put together

  4. This is a poem I am sure many readers could relate to - and you offer good advice too!

  5. Yes we do curl up into the foetus position for comfort as memory clicks in to when we were safe and protected. Beautifully written.

  6. wonderful take on the picture

  7. there is a deep yearning stated metaphorically where the curl up in the fetal position is mentioned, the longing for primal love and protection was already resonated in your questions and appeals to nature

    this is haunting

    have a good Sunday

    much love...

  8. You know, for me I would rather it be a wild horse that I ride. THat follows its passions. I think far too many have too little wild in their life - for whatever reason, safety, security, fear of risk.

  9. I know what you mean.. but that horse should follow its passions, like you said.

  10. Sometimes I think that it is the wild horses one has ridden throughout one's life that will, in the end, be the memories that stay with a person. Perhaps it is in the seeking that one does find joy, even if others look at the life and question it.

  11. Loved the closing lines.. such a heartfelt poem :)

  12. Maybe only if we've truly spent the time with wild horses we can sleep well through the night..

  13. I like the finding and the reconnecting to the old self ~ Though its good to know your home, its also rewarding to follow the old wild streak of the horse, smiles ~

  14. For too many people the question might be, 'how much of your life has been spent avoiding wild horses?' because we are too busy sticking close to home, doing what is expected of us! I say, let a little wild in there somewhere :-)

  15. The pull between the wild and comfort--I felt the sense here of trying to find out who we really are underneath those pulls--beautifully written

  16. Natasa, you are so wise, so young. That is the secret - the relationship we must have with yourself first. And then heeding that inner voice which NEVER tells you anything but the truth. I most love the lines about feeling the grain and the wind and connecting with the have learned so much already!!!!!!!

  17. Fabulous Nataša as we move through life's woes seeking refuge or trying to move beyond the mundane....and seeing it is found by connection to the earth....I do feel the pull of late summer.

  18. Beauty and truth...a winning combination.

    Thanks for visiting.

  19. A tender poem. I like the title a lot too. It perfectly sums up yearning ang longing before the summer of one's life turn to autumn

  20. There is a longing here to feel connected, comforted and loved ... beautiful :)

  21. The foetal position creates a feeling of security. It is not an 'open' position that seem to make one vulnerable.


  22. always loved reading your delicate verses. :)
    i guess most of us have an aversion to risk.

  23. Finding home always begins deep within, and perhaps that is why so many seem lost,


  24. This is so lovely ... layered and nuanced.