Sunday, 29 June 2014

Poem: Into the storm

tears etched to my retina
they burn from all the storms inside
      every bolt of lightning
                a feeling I need to experience
finding comfort in words
                »there will be tomorrow«
the image of a cigarette caught in the April shower
comes to mind. nothing has to happen.
scars need care and a gentle heart
the fluttering shadow of wings
                cuts the lightning
     my existence depending on it


  1. What a depth of feeling you have expressed here. If tears are etched to one's retina, that is deep deep pain. I would hope that there would come a caring and gentle heart and that the scars of the past would be healed.

  2. pretty intnese storms raging inside eh?
    scars do need a gentle hand, that is for mape their lines and hear their tales...
    i find the last line very interesting...and am trying to figure out if it is the wings or the storm that the existence depends on...

  3. I like the use of storms & this part: scars need care and a gentle heart ~ Beautifully written ~

  4. interesting way to describe an emotion. Very unique piece.

  5. what is a spring april shower for some is a lightning storm to others. not living in your retinas i can only hear the thunder in your words. but storms do pass and guess what evinces afterwards?

    deep, mi amiga, hopefully this too shall pass

  6. Beautiful, Natasa. I love "scars need care and a gentle heart" and the wings, "my existence depending on it." Thank heaven for creatures of flight, who keep us looking up.

  7. You had me at your opening--a gentle place for you to heal--pax

  8. Lovely poem. It speaks to all of us, because we have storms to heal. I like the intensity of feeling in this.

    Natasa, i originally went to the wrong site. Glad I found your blog.

  9. To heal the scars.. The gentle care.. Love the image of a cigarette in an April shower

  10. Great metaphorical use of the storms, a feeling we all know. "scars need care and a gentle heart" - they do, they do indeed.

  11. A deeply hurting soul, yet free enough to poem emotions, this is just awesome. Have a nice Sunday

    Much love...

  12. Beautiful words, beautiful flow. I like to believe at times like these that sadness holds this unspoken beauty. I found that in your poem... and I don't know why but "Nothing has to happen" resonates with me. As if the unknown will happen regardless, as of we're just drifters all the same.