Sunday, 20 September 2015

Poem: Edges of the heart

can anybody count the number
of wishes falling stars carry?
or the secret talks of yearning
that were confided to the moon?
so many different versions of love exist
and we all search for the right one
to put balance in our life
to show us some new meaning
it may feel like falling of an aeroplane
when starting the first conversation
or it may be easy, trusting what will happen
once you cast away the shadows of the past
and let go the footsteps previous lovers left
all we really want is for someone
to warm the cold edges of our hearts
 And this is my 200th post here. That is all ;)


  1. Indeed we all yearn for a love that will warm our heart and soothe our soul and only a lucky few get such love.......................

  2. Yes, so true...I remember that first conversation...even then I knew...and the edges of my heart were warmed! Lovely piece.

  3. I love confiding with the moon. :) Beautiful piece.
    Congrats on your 200th post!

  4. the different types of love....perhaps my favorite line.
    love the idea of casting away the shadow of the past.

  5. Congrats on 200 posts! What a beautiful poem, so true ... letting go of the past opens the door for someone new to walk in ... lovely.

  6. Yes, and to truly see us and care enough to hear our thoughts and dreams. I love this poem, Natasa!

  7. I wonder if there are enough stars to carry all the wishes... or if the moon will slander all the secret whispered. I hope love can still bloom.. maybe it's up to us and not the sky.

  8. Beautiful sentiments.. I do agree that different types of love or mutual feelings exist in this world.. and somehow each one of us is looking for that one person whose feelings match with ours.

  9. How true, and what a sweet last line.

  10. Warming the cold edges of our hearts....yes, that is what we desire. I never heard it put exactly like that, but that image REALLY speaks to me. We all deserve this...and more.

  11. There is nothing like finding someone to cast away the shadows of the past and being in love again. Great too to see some more photos of Slovenia Nataša.

  12. I often tell secrets to the moon..

  13. Warm the cold edges of our heart.. nicely said..

  14. Nice how you work from the too many down to the specific, from the edges of the heart into the center.

  15. love is a complex thing. :)
    lovely last lines to end the poem.

  16. Luv the vastness of this poem, counting stars and wishes, nice concept

    Thanks for dropping in on my Sunday Lime

    Much love...

  17. Happy 200th post - and sometimes the best things aren't those planned and engineered I guess! Thank heavens for that

  18. Thank the stars and moon for providing a space for all that yearning,


  19. It reminded me a story of the stargazer...and my fave lines 'falling of an aeroplane
    when starting the first conversation' - what the visual here! wow! I can feel in my guts! ~ love your poems, Natasa! Congratulations on 200!

  20. A lovely, thoughtful piece. The last two lines: indelible.

  21. Great poem it really captures much of life. Also YAY 200!!!!!!