Saturday, 19 September 2015

Poem: Letting go

as I search for the house of sun
to perish the sorrows of the past
the wrong doings that took place
I realize that we will always be learners
we are what we think
our thoughts flow like fish
either with the current or against it
but until we learn to master them
we can use a flash light to mark the blame
or a magic wand to lose ourselves
beliefs build up our realities
they are so easily accessible
from a fountain to a telephone
the path can have many peaks
and descents; it may feel like
it will never change
but all is there for a reason
when you stop to let go
and accept yourself
the direction will also change
Written for the Mag #284


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that. A lovely piece, letting go makes room for new things. Greetings!

  2. Hopefully we are always learning, and can grow beyond ourselves a bit.
    In the end there, I think it is a realizing that we are not in control,
    and the only way to find our way is to let go and let nature find us.

  3. "our thoughts flow like fish / either with the current or against it" true!...and the last four lines are stellar.....

  4. "a magic wand to lose ourselves" -- this is just beautiful, and how often I ache for this.

  5. The journey of our lives is full of ups and downs.. but it's also filled with beauty and joy.. a pinch of laissez-fair simplify the journey for sure.

  6. Your opening lines are so beautiful, they draw the reader in.......and there is so much wisdom in your closing lines - in letting go and acceptance, "the direction will change." Very wise.

  7. I realize we will always be learners....This made the poem for me. It was a wonderful read - letting go, gaining new things. Spencer is Kanzensakura

  8. And in the end.. we are always on the path of learning.. of self discovery. Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

  9. Oh such wonderful wise words...a beautiful opening and the ending is the lesson isn't is in the letting go that we are truly living.

  10. Yes, we will all be learners. And that is a good thing. And it is easier and more beneficial to let our thoughts flow with the current than to move against it, I think. Acceptance definitely is key!

  11. Yes, the direction will also change but it is ever onward.

  12. beliefs build up our realities... so true!

  13. The magic wand, if it could be our thoughts....or flashlight to mark patterns along the way...just like your images, and very well found's possible to change the direction, when we step forward to face our challenges....

  14. "beliefs build up our realities" - when we believe something to be true - to be reality ... the consequences that come from our belief are often more real - more true - than our initial belief. Great write!

  15. What a beautiful poem - so much that resonates - when we accept that we are all learners perhaps the world can seem limitless?

  16. when you stop to let go
    and accept yourself
    the direction will also change...

    A very telling conclusion.

  17. i am that fish swimming up and down the stream. i still am finding who i am, trying to be selfless in the end

    nice write

  18. Oooo--so true. And I truly love the flashlight and the magic wand, the fountain, telephone and peaks.

  19. Congratulations on having learned this wisdom!