Saturday, 31 October 2015

Poem: Dreamers

photo: Daniel Murtagh

under the light of the universe
a rainbow extends between the rose
I carry in my arms and the rest
of my wishes in the wishing well
deep in my dreams I am alone
being swept under the golden
and yellow leaves through the mists
of what hides behind the next step
you find me gazing at the moon
and I wonder why it's so simple
to fall into you - the touch of your fingers
runs through the depths of my skin
setting fire to all the things I thought
I knew to be true
shadows disappear
as we collide
into each others' eyes
time has a way of bringing
our dreams down
and in this world rich
are the dreamers
and I hope ours'
get to shine
Written for the Mag #291


  1. A beautiful poem, Natasa. Indeed, each of us is 'alone' in our dreams, but it is so nice when we are taken out of our dreams and find ourselves colliding into someone else's eyes & living a real life dream.

  2. oh most certainly, Let your dreams shine

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  3. The magic of dreaming - when shared and expressed so passionately is doubly as intoxicating

  4. Love the closing lines.. exquisite write :D

  5. I think that only dreams that we carry along into daylight can bring it all together... I feel a hope in your poem

  6. this is a poem of ethereal beauty.
    i like how the 2 stanzas are separated in two columns, one for the dream, the other for the real world. excellent positive tone in the end lines. :)

  7. Collide into each other's eyes...beautiful.

  8. "and I wonder why it's so simple
    to fall into you"

    I wonder too. A beautiful, 'dream'y verse.


  9. Lovely, just lovely Nataša....especially love how you ended with hope for our dreams.

  10. This is powerful and passionate ... loved it :-)

  11. Wishes, hopes and dreames....may they all come true!

  12. I hope yours get to shine too, Natasa. This is very beautiful writing, it captured me and swept me away with the beautiful imagery. Just lovely work.

  13. May you shine Nataša; you deserve it after penning this beautiful poem.

  14. I love the love and vulnerable hope in this poem, and the physical placement of the words. I do hope your dreams get to shine.

  15. Wonderful writing! There is intricacy and fragility in this tender and delicate expression of "hope". Beautiful!

  16. With this kind of emotion, you're sure to shine! Very beautiful writing :)

  17. Like the dreamy texture to your words...the thought of reevaluating everything, all truths - eternal and every time is fresh after colliding with new energy/emotions...

  18. Yes! The stars and the eyes are shining, I love how the rainbow extends from the roses to the pot of gold as the speaker watches the setting sun.