Saturday, 12 March 2016

Poem: Back room

I woke up cleaning your back room
picking up the pieces
of the mess you made
trying to take what was mine
and erase myself from the past
some things in life are simple
like yes or no, like go or stay
I wish I knew then
the game you were playing
the way the choices you would take
will make me question
my own reasoning and blind trust
it could have been easy
every mans happiness depends on himself
time heals but it never gives back
the things that could've been
we run, chasing the ideas
we paint in the mind
not sure if they are true or false
we say what we want
leaving the other person
to determine if it's the truth
shake of the dust
of the wrong rooms
you’ve been trapped in
and take notes not to
enter them again


  1. Time heals all, but memories can come back from time to time. Its such a poignant piece, and very reflective.

  2. It is sometimes difficult to let go of....