Sunday, 25 December 2016

Poem: Rat Race

stock photo from pixabay

it's hard to begin, to explain
- to put it simply
when, how and where it all started
but most of all why -------- ?
why have we became selfish mirrors
putting all the importance on ourselves
always running the rat race with no goal
our egos hungry for luxury and power
our eyes blind and closed shut
so easily led astray, somehow comfortable
with our living -- like in a TV set
allowing this machine to continue the massacre
how can we live so comfortably with it?
how can we still turn a blind eye?
when it could be you on the other side
as if it's not in our interest to live in peace together
when will we clear our minds and stand tall
prove that humanity still lingers in our hearts?
have we buried our true selves too deep?
have we learned nothing at all?

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