Friday, 29 September 2017

Poem: Welcome to the dream

From a speck you unfold like the universe
what is it that you take as a part of your essence?
The picture we send out to the world
can easily distort itself, the mirror shatters
In the darkest of nights and in the brightest of days
do you remain the same? True to what you believe?
Do you feel the core of your being unchanged?
Out of the million possibilities of who you could've been
you are who you are due to chance? Or some greater plan?
After everything that matters to you, has been taken away
can you still paint the sky a bright colour as a child?
Can you guess the cards you've been dealt?
When does it happen, can you tell, when your eyes become blind?
The heart singing in silence is the saddest sound,
- like the ocean slowly weeping
Voice boxes with nothing to say, but sell your humanity
How long can you run with your wounds unintended?
Hiding scars in all sorts of unexpected places.
I found the creature who would lick my wounds
deep in the forest of my own thoughts.

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